The composition of lipsticks ... let's talk about it!

3 ... 2 ... 1! Today we are officially launching the recipe for our lipsticks !

After several tests and confirmation from our expert toxicologist, the recipe is ready.

If until now we only offered care and hygiene products for the face, body and hair , we now want to expand the possibilities and offer you to manufacture your make-up . And the Beauty Mix team starts off strong with a range of lipsticks!

Today we give you our new recipe and the advantages of making your own makeup!

What are the lipsticks that we buy made of?

We are all fans, lipstick has its place in a successful makeup routine. To complete an eye make-up or to sublimate your lips, whether nude or bright red, this is THE final touch.

And did you know? 900 million sticks are sold worldwide every year! And you can ingest almost 2kg of lipstick in a lifetime. It is therefore worth checking their composition ...

Do you know exactly what is in your tube?

Usually, a classic lipstick is made up of:

  • Waxes to give consistency. They can be of animal origin (beeswax), vegetable (candellila wax) but are more synthetic or mineral.

  • Vegetable and mineral oils derived from petroleum. But also silicones, liquid fatty alcohols and ether which give shine and which also have a lubricating and slippery power.

  • Vegetable butters, providing the smoothness that lipstick needs

  • Pigments, such as titanium dioxide which is a white pigment used as a food additive but which will be eliminated due to its potential carcinogenic effect, but which is still very present in cosmetics

  • Flavors that are used in food such as vanilla and cocoa

  • From antioxidants to protect the formula like vitamin C also called tocopherol which is natural, from synthetics like the phenolics BHA and BHT ...

The composition is therefore not always clean, and we decided to bring you a better alternative!

Make your own makeup?

Thanks to BeautyMix, you can now make up to seven shades of lipstick, with just 2 pigments! From cherry red to pale pink, through orange, create your lipsticks according to your tastes and outfit of the day! And you can even invent your own shade ...

For you, we have created the shades:

  • Old rose

  • Coral pink

  • Gourmet rose

  • Raspberry rose

  • Coral

  • Intense coral

  • Romantic red

As you know, our credo is "simplicity", which is why our recipe is always accessible and easy to make. The list of our composition is very short and includes only the essentials for achieving a creamy , easy to apply and pigmented lipstick!

You are probably asking yourself the question: what is my BeautyMix lipstick made of? How is it different from those we buy traditionally?

Well, quite simply:

  • Cocoa butter

  • Beeswax

  • Sweet almond oil

  • Calcium carbonate (optional)

  • Pigments

Our two flagship pigments are: carmine and theiron oxide, carefully selected to obtain colors that are more beautiful than each other.

For more details on the realization, we invite you to redirect yourself to the receipts that you will find in the "makeup" category. In just a few minutes your lipstick is ready and you will understand it by seeing the list of ingredients, you no longer have to doubt what you are applying to your lips!

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We hope that you will test this recipe very soon and that you will share your wonderful creations with us ...

See you soon, for a new recipe :)

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