BeautyMix is a complete solution ( natural ingredients + recipes + machine ) which makes home cosmetics accessible to everyone! From beginners to confirmed, everyone will find pleasure in creating their cosmetics with BeautyMix.

The range of products achievable with BeautyMix is endless, from moisturizer to lipstick and shampoo. Each product can be customized to meet your needs. So give free rein to your desires and discover the freedom to create your beauty!

We provide answers to your questions:

How does it works ?

If you are new to BeautyMix, consult our step-by-step guide to get started with the robot.

The steps:

1. Make your diagnostic on the app to know your needs

2. Choose the recipe you want to make: cream, shampoo, deodorant, toothpaste, makeup, you can create all the products in the bathroom!

3. Choose the amount you want to make, the smell and texture according to your preferences.

4. Pour the ingredients into the food processor following the recipe, press the button and ... let BeautyMix do the work! It heats, mixes and brings your preparation back to temperature.

5. Pour your product into your container and there you have your home-made and personalized product.

The robot :
  • How does the robot work?

The robot is used to heat and mix your product.
It heats up to about 60 degrees.

  • What is the capacity of the tank?

Between 15 and 250mL.

  • Is the scale provided?

Yes, your BeautyMix is supplied with a precision scale that allows you to weigh within 0.01g up to 250g.

  • How long is the robot guaranteed for?

It is guaranteed for 2 years.

  • How to wash the robot?

You can run the robot cleaning program (purple) with water and washing up liquid, then rinse the tub and dry it with a clean cloth, or put it in the dishwasher.
For oily products like beeswax and cocoa butter when making a balm, first remove the excess product by wiping the sides with a rag or paper towel while the tub is still hot. Clean the tub in very hot water with soap.

  • Are there several types of mixers? &Nbsp;

The BeautyMix robot is supplied with 2 identical mixers that you can keep as a spare or dedicate to different types of preparation. For example, you can devote one of the two mixers to the production of pigmented products such as lipsticks.

Note that a BeautyMix production series has been supplied with an arc mixer, suitable for the dispersion of powders. This specific mixer was discontinued because the flat mixer offered the same performance while being very easy to clean.

  • How to download the mobile application?

Our BeautyMix application is available on the stores, here are the links to download it ( type " Beautymix  " without space)   :  


The BeautyMix application guides you step by step in the preparation. You can find the diagnosis, all the recipes, buy them ingredients, see your manufacturing history etc ...  

Ingredients and recipes:

  • How to choose the ingredients according to your skin type?

You can make your diagnosis by answering a few simple questions on the mobile app or on the site. We recommend ingredients based on your skin type.

  • Can I use other ingredients than the ones you sell?

You can indeed use ingredients that you already own or that you want to buy from another brand. &Nbsp;

However, the recipes developed by our formulator are tested and validated with our ingredients only. We ensure their efficacy, safety and texture through laboratory testing and validation from toxicology experts. If you choose to use other ingredients, unfortunately we cannot be held responsible for the result.

In particular, the substitution of emulsifiers and foaming agents in our recipes greatly impacts the quality of the finished product and is not recommended.

  • Is it possible to make other recipes than the ones you offer? ot

Yes absolutely, you can create your own recipes or take inspiration from those found on the internet. But in this case BeautyMix is not responsible for any problem. Always check your skin's tolerance to the product being made by applying a small amount to the crook of the elbow and waiting 24 hours to confirm that there is no reaction or allergy. Inquire  carefully regarding the use of essential oils.

If you create your own recipe you can save it in the mobile app to take advantage of the app's features.


  • Are you going to come up with other recipes and market more ingredients? ot

We have chosen a minimalist range of recipes so as not to encourage the consumption of superfluous products. But we are going to expand our offer, in particular the hair line, products for men, make-up, etc.

All our recipes are updated on our mobile app and our website.

  • Can we add perfume for example in the deodorant?

We have chosen recipes without allergens, and therefore without perfume (apart from the floral water which brings a light smell) but you can add perfumes according to your tastes (not sold on our site). If you choose to use essential oils, carefully educate yourself about the risks and check your tolerance to the product before use.

  • What water should be used in recipes? ot

You can simply use tap water or bottled water.

  • Are the recipes suitable for men and children?

Our recipes are unisex and are perfect for children's sensitive skin.


  • How much does delivery cost?

The minimum order is 25 €.

Livraison Mondial Relay en France, Belgique, Luxembourg, Espagne : 3€
La livraison est offerte dès 45€ d'achat !

Livraison Colissimo en France : 5€
La livraison est offerte dès 80€ d'achat !

Livraison Colissimo en Europe : 10€
La livraison est offerte dès 120€ d'achat !

Livraison monde possible sur demande (si voltage identique dans le pays).

Lors des livraisons hors de France des frais de douane peuvent s'appliquer selon le pays de livraison.

  • What is the delivery delay ?

The delivery time is less than a week. Contact us after 7 days if you have not received your order.
During the holiday season, the deadline may be extended by a few days.

  • How do I track my order?

Once your order has been placed, you can follow its progress in your personal space in the section: "my orders ". Once your order has been shipped, you can follow its progress via the colissimo link.
When sending your package, you will receive an email indicating your package tracking number.

After sales service:

We are at your disposal by email on to answer all your questions. First, take a look at the points below to maybe find the answer to your question.

  • Can I return my order if it is not suitable for me?

We design and select the best quality products to ensure your satisfaction. If you change your mind and want to use your right of withdrawal, contact us directly at our address and we will process your request as soon as possible.

  • My order is damaged and / or incomplete, what should I do? ot

We take great care in preparing your orders and protecting them to avoid any breakage. However if you have a problem with your order, we invite you to contact our customer service via the email address

  • How do I remove the mixer? ot

The mixer is very tight the first time you use it, and then softens. To remove it during your first uses, do not hesitate to pull very hard, using pliers if necessary. You can put a drop of oil on the bottom of the tank to lubricate lightly.

  • The scale is not working? ot

Check that you have removed the 2 protective covers. The scale is fragile, handle it with care and store it well in its box. &Nbsp;

When you want to weigh ingredients after a hot program in the still hot tank, place the tank cover between the scale and the tank to prevent heat from impacting the measurements.

  • The robot mixes and the ingredients do not melt, what to do? ot

Make sure the blender is secure.

Make sure that the tank is properly fitted, you should hear a “click” from the safety sensor. Slightly raise the white tank sleeve to make sure it does not block.

If you use other ingredients than ours, check that they melt well below 60 °.

For any problem, whatever it is, contact us at

Other questions :

  • Where can I buy containers and accessories?

We offer on our site glass jars and bottles as well as sticks for bamboo lip balms.   

  • What to do with the vials and caps after use? ot

When your ingredient is empty you can reuse your bottle to pour in a product you have made and replace the cap with a pump. &Nbsp;


  • Referral code:

Your sponsor code is activated as soon as you place an order over 40 euros on our site. To find it, log into your account and go to your customer account by clicking in the menu at the top right.
You can sponsor your friends by giving them this sponsor code available in your personal space. Your godson will be entitled to € 8 reduction on the robot, by entering it as a reduction code at the time of payment, and you also accumulate € 8 in vouchers on your loyalty account.