Welcome to the world of BeautyMix…

We will guide you step by step for your first use of the BeautyMix so that you can make your first creation safely and easily!

1. Who are we ?

BeautyMix is a robot that was born in 2019 with the aim of making home-made accessible to everyone.

Thanks to him, you discover and enter the world of Do It Yourself in all simplicity, in a healthy and ecological way, by making your own cosmetics and home maintenance products!

BeautyMix is above all a robot but it is also more than 40 recipes listed on our website and our mobile application!
So, are you ready to get started?

2. . . . And a robot

Discover the different elements that make up your BeautyMix box.

The box contains:
  • your BeautyMix robot
  • its precision balance
  • batteries
  • a mains socket
The robot consists of:
  • of a pedestal
  • so to speak
  • two mixers
  • of its silicone sleeve
  • a start button
  • of a lid


3. The balance

Our precision scale allows you to weigh your ingredients one by one, even in small quantities. It measures ingredients in grams.
It is protected by two covers that ensure its safety when not in use. Be sure to place it on a table, flat, and use the Tare button between each weighing.

4. L'application mobile

The BeautyMix mobile application is free on iPhone and Android. It will be your best ally in the use of your robot. With it you can create your customer account and save all your favorite recipes! You can also make your skin diagnosis, order the products you need in one click, access your sponsorship code, subscribe to our Newsletter...

It's updated every time we create a new recipe so you can make it quickly. It explains step by step the steps for making each of the products you want to make.

5. Preparing the work surface: how to disinfect your work surface?

Wash your hands and carefully disinfect your work plan as well as your equipment in order to respect the hygiene and sanitary measures necessary to prevent and avoid the proliferation of bacteria in your products.

6. How to precisely pour the ingredients into the bowl using the spatula?

To perform a precise dosage, we have a tip to make it easier!

7. How to start a hot or cold program?

In order to determine if your tank is well fixed to the body of your robot, a clipping system must be engaged.

To start the longer hot program, press the center button once. This should turn purple. During this program the robot mixes and heats your preparation up to 60 degrees for 4 min.

To start a hot program, press the central button three times. This should turn red. During this program the robot mixes and heats your preparation up to 60 degrees for 2 minutes.

To start a cold program, press the center button twice. It will turn blue. This program allows you to mix and temper your product for 2 minutes.

8. Should I leave the lid on during preparation?

Only during the cold program, you can leave your bowl open, without a lid so that your preparation cools more quickly.

9. Which container to choose?

Choose the appropriate container according to the chosen recipe and the desired quantity. We offer reusable glass bottles or jars on our online store;

Check the recipe for the recommended container before you start your preparation.

For example: “for which type of product is the choice of a spray the most relevant?” , “Which product requires a pump bottle?”, “When to choose a glass container and when to choose an aluminum container?”

Reuse your bottles! Give a second life to your empty ingredient bottles by using them to preserve your creations. Just clean them and sterilize them by passing them through boiling water!

10. How to transfer the textures into the containers?

Your tank is well made: part of the rim is curved, forming a slight beak. It is this part that you must attach to your container in order to facilitate the transfer of the product created from the tank to your container.

11. Example of the realization of a recipe from A to Z

Now that you know how the robot works, find out how to make a recipe step by step.

Make your BeautyMix healthy glow cream!

12. Tastes, textures and smells: how can I personalize my recipe?

In order to create a 100% personalized treatment, be sure to carry out skin diagnosis. This will tell you the ingredients (vegetable oils, hydrosols, active ingredients, etc.) adapted to your needs. We offer different scents to suit everyone's tastes and needs. We invite you to test the smells of the ingredients before you start to create a product that will suit you and that you will enjoy applying!

Depending on the desired texture, we indicate the result obtained on each recipe. According to your wishes, you can vary the textures by adjusting the quantities to obtain the desired fluidity.

13. Open Ingredient Storage Tips

The BBD is indicated on each ingredient. Store your products away from light and at room temperature.

14. Tips for storing created products

The preservation of the products you make is indicated on each recipe.

Our preservative allows you to keep your products for a period of 3 months. For all products having no aqueous body, but only oily, the products can be kept alone for 6 months. If you do not want to put preservatives, your products will be usable for a week in the fridge. We encourage you to produce just what you need to avoid waste.

For reasons of traceability and for your safety, it is essential to properly label your finished products. Here you will find an explanatory note to properly label all your creations!

15. How do I clean my BeautyMix robot?

The robot cleans itself: fill ¾ of your water tank with a little dishwashing liquid then press once to start the purple program. This allows you to clean your robot at the end of your preparations or between 2 recipes to chain the preparations; You can also put the bowl in the dishwasher.

16. Stay tuned !

For what ? BeautyMix is a constantly evolving concept. So that you can make the most of it, we regularly offer new products: new recipes, video tutorials, tips, new ingredients, advice, etc. To be up to date with the latest news, follow us on our networks Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest...

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18. Leave us your opinion

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19. A question ? The after-sales service remains at your disposal!

Other questions ? Check out our FAQs with all the information you might need. For another question, problem or any other request, send us an email at contact@beautymix.fr, We will respond as soon as possible.