Offer a BeautyMix gift card!

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For a birthday, Mother's Day, Christmas, a farewell drink or a housewarming, BeautyMix accompanies you in the happy moments of life to spoil and thank your loved ones!

Whether the person is a beginner or an expert in Do It Yourself, the BeautyMix offers the possibility of making 40 recipes to choose from around home cosmetics and cleaning products. Thanks to our free mobile application, she will be able to follow the steps step by step for a successful result for sure. Once the recipe has been selected, she will be guided to weigh and add the ingredients one by one to the robot's tank. Finally, she can let the magic of the robot operate!

The BeautyMix robot mixes and heats the preparations to the right temperature. Result: she will obtain the desired product in a few minutes with the satisfaction of having made it herself. She can then use her products, healthy and natural, good for the skin and the environment! 

Why offer a BeautyMix gift card?

In a few clicks, offer a gift while being sure to make the right choice! Cosmetics remain a choice of personal products to be adapted to their needs and tastes... Offering a gift card means leaving the freedom to choose the products that the person will want to make according to their skin type, their tastes in terms of scent, texture... A simple solution to please!

Does he or she want to change their consumption habits? The BeautyMix gift card will allow her to be part of an approach allowing the production of cosmetic products in complete transparency, with a minimum of ingredients, all natural, in reusable glass bottles.

A gift card to print in one click!

A gift to make quickly? You are invited to a birthday and you do not have a present to offer? Don't panic, you will receive the gift card in a few minutes.

Go to our tab boutique, then on the category "gift card". Select the gift card for the amount of your choice, then add it to your basket. Then pay the amount indicated and you will immediately receive it in your mailbox. So you can print it right away!

More questions? We invite you to visit our FAQ.

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How and where can the gift card be used?

The beneficiary of the gift card can go to our Online Store to order what he wants for the amount of his card. The gift card can be used several times.

From the date of purchase, the owner of the card has 6 months to use it.

At the payment stage, simply fill in the numbers indicated on the gift card. The amount of this will be immediately deducted from the total amount of the basket.