HLB 16-17 micellar solubilizer


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    • Volume: 50 mL

    Made from sunflower oil and RSPO palm oil, this natural non-ionic surfactant is ideal for solubilizing essential oils in an aqueous phase. Solubilizer par excellence, it helps in the making of emulsions and lotions containing very small quantities of oils in large quantities of water or hydrosol.

    This micellar solubilizer with an HLB of 16-17 makes it possible to solubilize a small quantity of oil in a large quantity of water. The HLB, also called Hydro-Lipidic Balance or even "hydrophilic-lipophilic balance", is a value that can range from 1 to 20. It characterizes the hydrophilic-lipophilic balance of a surfactant. Surfactants are what we call “amphiphilic” molecules. This means that they consist of a part of their molecule which is lipophilic (which loves oil) and another part which is hydrophilic (which loves water). It is this particular chemical property that allows them to emulsify or solubilize oil and water. Any surfactant is characterized by an HLB value: the lower the HLB value (close to 1), the more lipophilic the surfactant will be. The closer the value is to 20, the more hydrophilic the surfactant will be. Thus, to dissolve a little water in a larger volume of oil (shower oils, very rich creams), a low HLB surfactant, ie more lipophilic, will be preferred. Conversely, to solubilize a little oil in a larger volume of water (micellar solutions), opt for a surfactant with a high HLB and therefore more hydrophilic. Applications: all skin types and more particularly dehydrated, dull and lackluster skin Cosmetic properties: Solubilizes essential oils in an aqueous phase: allows the preparation of micellar solutions Powerful cleanser Creation of oil-in-water emulsions Approved by the COSMOS standard for the creation of certified cosmetics Hydro-lipid balance (HLB): 16-17 Arganoleptic properties: Composition: ester of polyglycerol and caprylic acid from palm oil labeled RSPO (sustainable palm oilwhich meets numerous environmental criteria) INCI: POLYGLYCERYL-10-CAPRYLATE Origin: plant Origin: England Quality: cosmetic Presentation & appearance: very viscous translucent yellow to amber liquid Odor: low % water (%m/m): < 3% Saponification index (mgKOH/g): 70-100 Hydro-lipid balance (HLB): 16-17 Precautions for use: Keep out of reach of children. In general, keep properly closed, away from light and heat. Follow the recommended dosages. Do not ingest. Do not inhale. Avoid contact with eyes.

    Volume: 50 mL

    INCI name: polyglyceryl-10-caprylate

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