Take care of my lips in winter!

In winter, the lips are one of the first parts of the body to suffer from the cold. Indeed, it is a particularly fragile zone since it is very thin. Also, did you know that the lips have neither sebaceous glands (producing sebum) nor sweat glands (producing sweat)?

It is therefore not so surprising to end up with lips that are very vulnerable to external aggressions and dry much more quickly. Thus, in winter, chapped lips appear and it is neither pleasant nor aesthetic. So how do you take care of it and avoid this inconvenience? Let's go, we give you our secrets!

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Exfoliate and hydrate: the key to a good routine!

The first thing to do before applying any lip balm or stick is to exfoliate well. 

Indeed, the mechanical action linked to the grains will make it possible to remove superficial skin and dead skin which would have prevented deep hydration. Above all, do not chew your lips to remove the skins with your teeth or tear them off. This is the best way to aggravate the situation and make your lips bleed. The trick in winter is to do this once or twice a week.

gommage, in the shower for example.

Hydrate, hydrate and hydrate your lips. Take in your belongings a small lipstick in the form of bamboo stick which will be very easy to carry and ideal for rehydrating your lips all day long.

In the evening, at bedtime, favor a recipe of baume with a richer texture, which you will apply in a thick layer, in order to nourish them deeply during the night. To you the soft lips at sunrise!

And more? To drink a lot ! Good internal hydration will be felt in your lips, which will be more beautiful.

What are the recipes to take care of your lips?

We offer the rich lip balm that will nourish your lips.

It contains :

  • Of cocoa butter : excellent emollient, which has moisturizing properties and gives the skin a soft and supple appearance

  • From beeswax : to give consistency to the lip balm

  • L’vegetable oil : which will end up nourishing and softening the skin.

Additionally, our gommage based on apricot kernel powder will exfoliate your lips well, before moisturizing.

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Good to know !

No need to moisten your lips with saliva!

Many people mistakenly think that moistening your lips with saliva improves hydration. It's wrong. It's the best way to make things worse! 

Indeed, saliva has many enzymes and is relatively acidic since its role is to begin the digestion of ingested food. It will therefore be very aggressive for your lips and will aggravate the problem.

Watch out for lipsticks.

Some lipsticks, especially mattifying lipsticks, will tend to dry out the lips. They are therefore not recommended in winter or else, it is advisable to apply a moisturizing balm beforehand.

How to create your routine for this winter?
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