Spring beauty routine with BeautyMix!

Spring is synonymous with a return to sunny days, sunshine, cold drinks and moments outdoors.... Spring also rhymes with a new routine and new skin care products adapted to this change of environment and temperature. Skin in transition leaves its winter equipment and calls for more freshness and less rich products...

Today, we give you the tips for a successful spring routine with BeautyMix! Create the care you love yourself with our natural products and healthy for your skin!

Our tips for a successful spring skincare routine

At the transition of this season, when we leave the cold and gradually move towards milder temperatures, our skin can evolve and ask to receive new products, often lighter and in fewer numbers. So, we eliminate the rich creams and the superposition of care to let our skin breathe more. She is normally less dry, less dehydrated, and sometimes her condition even changes . To know what is the difference between "condition" and "type" of skin, you can read our article on this subject.

To meet your needs, we have selected a list of receipts the most suitable to reproduce using your BeautyMix!

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Step 1 :

Perfect for refreshing the skin, our micellar water removes light makeup and gently cleanses your face. It envelops it in fine droplets and leaves a pleasant and comfortable feeling.
For this recipe, you can choose between therose floral water or of Orange Blossom, with fresh and flowery scents.

Little BeautyMix tip : Apply it morning and evening all over the face and neck using a washable cotton pad or just by spraying.

2nd step:

To provide complete care for your skin and all the necessary comfort it needs, we advise you to perform this mask once or twice a week. 

This mask is ideal for skin that lacks water! It will be able to improve the appearance of your skin, it will be softer, more supple, fresher and plumped up.
Linseed gel is the key ingredient in this recipe!

Little BeautyMix tip : Apply it all over the face using a brush and leave it on for about fifteen minutes, the time to read two or three articles from our blog :)

Step 3:

With this recipe, you can modulate the moisturizing and nourishing action of your cream according to your skin's current needs. Is your skin slightly dehydrated? Prefer to add gel of linen. Is your skin less dry ? Opt for thesweet almond oil. Prefer thenatural emulsifier for fluid cream to obtain a more liquid and less thick texture.

A little BeautyMix tip : Apply it morning and evening, before your make-up or on its own. You can both use this cream on your face but also on your whole body , as well as your hands and feet

And for makeup? Our favorite lipstick shades for this spring!

To illuminate your rosy complexion and perfect an outfit, we advise you to bring a touch of color to your face.
For that, our lipstick recipe is ideal. It is the same as that of our balm except that you add pigments which are the "Carmine" or the "Iron oxide".

Little BeautyMix tip : Apply your tinted lip balm in the morning and touch up during the day! Here are for us, the two essential shades to adopt for this spring:
Odoo - Sample #1 for three columns

Coral Pink

Odoo- Sample #3 for three columns

Rose gourmand

And there are many more! You are free to decline the colors according to your wishes. All of our lipstick recipes are here.

And you, what is your routine this spring?

I'm switching my beauty routine to summer mode!
Summer is well and truly here... Rising temperatures, sun and idleness await you! It's time to change your beauty routine so that body and hair also benefit from it.