Remove makeup well and cleanse your face?

A natural routine to make your skin breathe!

To maintain your skin, take care of cell renewal optimal, give it radiance and allow it to breathe healthily : nothing is more important than removing make-up and cleaning it morning and evening. This step is essential!

In the morning, cleaning the skin is useful because it allows to wake it up gently , to eliminate the secretions of sebum, perspiration or even dead cells developed during the night. It is particularly at night that cells renew themselves, so it is important to take this into consideration to adapt your morning routine.

In the evening, it is also necessary to clean his skin, especially if you are wearing makeup. You should never fall asleep with makeup products still on your skin. This can suffocate them and you risk waking up with sensitized skin and seeing a few pimples sticking out the tip of their nose. In addition, the day's activities, pollution , and all the accumulated impurities need to be removed.

In this new article, we share with you recipes for homemade cosmetics , to use morning and night for cleansed and healthy skin!

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Step one: remove makeup from your skin.

One of the actions to be carried out on a daily basis is make-up removal . The latter is obviously to be done in the evening, but maybe done again in the morning if some traces of makeup are still visible.

But which makeup remover to use ? At BeautyMix, we recommend our recipe for two-phase makeup remover.

What is a two-phase makeup remover ? What is it made of ?

Our two-phase makeup remover recipe is therefore composed of a hydrosol of your choice (rose, hamamelis, Orange Blossom...) of the distillery Bel Air or BeautyMix. It is also composed of a vegetable oil (Almond, jojoba...) Emma Christmas ou BeautyMix.

To make your makeup remover at home, we give you the right recipe here.

The oil helps dissolve your makeup , while the water removes the greasy film on your skin and eyes. This combination makes it possible to remove the most stubborn make-up, in particular Waterproof . It gently removes makeup and is therefore suitable, even for the most sensitive skin .

Our advice for use : Shake your homemade two-phase makeup remover and apply it on a washable / reusable cotton.

Step two: use your homemade face cleansing gel.

To perfect your make-up removal and eliminate all traces of products or impurities, we advise you to opt for our recipe for cleaning gel. The latter is effective and is all the more pleasant to use because of its gel texture, light and refreshing . This texture, we owe it to one of our ingredients: thickener.

Our gel recipe lightly foams to gently wash the skin of your face. Like the two-phase makeup remover, it is composed of a hydrolat to be selected according to your preferences.

To make your homemade cleansing gel, find the exact recipe here !

Our advice for use : In the morning and / or in the evening, take a small amount and lather the product on your damp skin. Work it with circular movements then rinse thoroughly with clear water. Avoid contact with eyes.

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Step three: spray micellar water on your face.

To finish this make-up removing and cleansing routine , we suggest you spray a few drops of micellar water all over your face and neck.

Micellar water is the ideal product to end this routine. It gently eliminates the last impurities, and will also have a refreshing action. A true moment of pleasure !

Our homemade micellar water recipe is perfect to use in the morning to wake up your skin and in the evening to end your routine . You can find this recipe for homemade cosmetics just to be.

Our advice for use : Once your recipe is complete, store your micellar water in a vial and distant including a spray nozzle. So, when you want to apply it, all you have to do is spray the product directly on your face and let the fine droplets run off.

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