How to create your routine for this winter?
A summer routine towards an adapted winter routine!

Yes, no one has escaped it... The cold is setting in and your skin feels tight? While as usual, you use your routine that suits you so well? This little sensation indicates that it is essential to change your care routine for your skin.

Indeed, during this period of cold, your skin is the first barrier with the outside and will therefore be the first to suffer. Your routine set up in the summer will therefore not be the same and will require an adjustment. So, do we tell you everything?

Your new winter routine!

Par quoi commencer et comment prendre le problème ? Débute par les soins en amont de ta crème visage.

For cleaning: in winter the skin is very attacked. It is therefore advisable to carry out a gentle cleansing in the evening, even more so when it is prone to redness, so as not to harm the integrity of the epidermal barrier.

To do this, start with a double cleansing. Always starts with a two-phase make-up remover followed by cleaning gel. To do this, perform a gentle massage with your fingers so as not to attack the skin of your face.

In the morning, our micellar water will catch the residue accumulated overnight.

Once a week, after thoroughly cleansing your skin, exfoliate and apply a mask.

For exfoliation: it will get rid of superficial dead cells and restore radiance to the complexion by stimulating microcirculation.

The only difference between summer and winter is its frequency: 1 to 2 per week in summer against 1 in winter! We advise you our recipe exfoliation with apricot kernels : a nugget!

For the mask: after the exfoliation, a mask must be made. It is preferable to apply moisturizing masks in winter, in order to relieve the skin. If you have combination to oily skin, the trick is to combine the masks: clay mask on the T-zone and moisturizer on the rest of the face. And of course we have a great recipe clay mask!


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What face creams in winter?

For the day cream : you will have to base yourself on your summer routine and accentuate hydration since your skin dehydrates very easily in winter.

  • For very dry skin:

If in the summer, an already rich cream was used, a creamier texture will not be found and it will therefore be necessary to add a serum below the day cream to accentuate hydration.

  • For normal or combination to oily skin:

If in the summer you had a light cream, you will have to switch to a normal cream containing more oil and allowing deeper nutrition. In case of use of normal cream, it will be necessary to switch to a rich cream.

For the night cream : whether in summer or winter, the night cream should always be more moisturizing than your day cream since it is at night that your skin regenerates. So, increase the hydration of your cream based on the previous example of the day. A tip for very dry skin is to apply a thick layer of moisturizing mask before bed to maximize hydration.

And lip care?

Yes, in winter, another part of the face should not be neglected! These are your lips. Indeed, they are subjected to severe test and tend to dry out strongly and cause small painful skins and cracks.

The trick is therefore to use its face scrub on the lips once a week to exfoliate well and then apply a rich lip balm. This lip balm is to take everywhere with you. Do not hesitate to renew the application during the day.

There you go, now you know the secrets to adapting your face routine to winter!

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