Face care is also for men!
The best recipes to take care of your skin for men

Both men and women have skin types and conditions that require appropriate and specific care. So no, cosmetics are not just for women and men can also create their own cosmetics and enjoy their benefits! 

In this article, we want to give you all the keys to a suitable routine with recipes developed by our expert for a successful men's routine!

This will be carried out in three stages: in the morning when you wake up, in the evening and also a routine to be put in place once a week. Your skin is in top shape! 

In the morning, what do we do?

  • Micellar water enriched with peppermint hydrosol : apply the micellar water using our reusable makeup remover wipes, in order to effectively eliminate the impurities accumulated during the night. We advise you to personalize your micellar water with peppermint hydrosol, astringent, purifying, toning which has a "pore-tightening" effect.

  • Mattifying cream enriched with mattifying active and in which you can opt forhemp oil : we advise you to put on the mattifying cream that serves as a day cream! It contains hemp oil, concentrated in omega 6 and omega 3 essential fatty acids, with emollient, fluid properties, with a non-greasy feel, ideal for sensitive and combination skin but also anti-aging and matifying active. , reducing the appearance of shine. 


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And the night ?

After a day, cleansing your skin is essential to have healthy and luminous skin, free of residues accumulated during the day.

  • normal cream : while sleeping, your skin regenerates and to "facilitate" its work, we advise you to use a cream richer in vegetable oils than the day cream. In your case, the day cream being light, we recommend a “normal” cream. This will hydrate and nourish your skin. Just like the day cream, hemp oil and the mattifying active ingredient should be incorporated into your recipe.

Once a week ?

The realization of a scrub followed by a mask are essential and inseparable! Indeed, the exfoliation will eliminate residues and dead skin on your face and will allow an in-depth action of the mask that follows.

  • Apricot kernel powder scrub : it is to be applied to the entire face, previously cleansed and moistened, avoiding the eye area. Massage lightly in a circular motion to make the grains present in it act well. Rinse off your scrub with clean water. 

  • Green clay mask : apply this mask in a thick layer on the entire face and neck. Green clay cleanses, purifies, absorbs and detoxifies the skin in depth. It increases cell regeneration, has an anti-inflammatory and healing effect. We advise you to personalize this mask with the peppermint hydrosol. Let stand for 5 to 10 minutes. Do not wait for the clay to dry completely as this can cause your skin to dry out and feel tight. Rinse with clear water. You can then put on your day or night cream depending on when you perform this routine.

Your homemade routine!
Suitable for normal skin.