A homemade hair routine!

In our last post blog, we have developed a special back-to-school routine for you. This was related to recipes from face care and of body care.

But the hair also needs to be cared for in order to be and stay healthy. And what could be better than making your own products that will enhance your hair routine?

Here are some recipes to make in your day, as well as tips for use to include in your daily life!

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It's time for a good shower to start the day off right. I take this opportunity to give my hair natural and homemade care!

As mentioned in the article:Take care of your hair", we are not all equal when it comes to how often we need to shampoo. On the days of the week when you clean your hair, take the opportunity to give it a little more time for specific care using your conditioner BeautyMix. Our recipe can also be used as a nourishing mask . Thus, you can leave it on for a few minutes and then rinse it off with clear water. This closes the cuticle of the hair and brings shine and softness . A real moment of rebirth for them and for you!


My hair is clean! I dry them and apply an additional treatment which is excellent for their hydration: linen gel. I take a hazelnut in the palm of my hand, I heat the product and apply it to all of my hair, making it penetrate well.

Linseed gel is a local substitute foraloe vera. It is an essential ingredient in cosmetics for its moisturizing properties . It is thus a perfect ally for your hair.

You can do it yourself with our recipe or get it directly from our Online Store !

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The day has passed and the linen gel has completely absorbed into my hair. Before going to bed, I now apply my hair oil made with my BeautyMix. This one will stay on all night to deeply nourish my hair .

This oil is perfect to complete and finish this hair routine, nourishing my hair to give it the well-being it needs. Just like linen gel, apply a pump of oil in your hands then work it in before applying it to your lengths. Be careful not to apply too much on the roots at the risk of greasing them.

This hair care routine is ideal since the recipes are simple, accessible and effective! 

Are you going to make these three homemade cosmetic recipes?

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