The secret of Japanese youth: layering (part 2)

We meet here to reveal the first steps of THE routine of the moment: you know the layering ... (did you miss our first article ?! delay !!) Japanese beauty routine which consists of superimposing layers step by step (using natural and healthy products) in order to provide everything your skin needs.


So let's go for the first three steps of this ancestral ritual:


# 1: makeup removal

Although protected by a natural protective film, our skin continues to suffer from external aggressions: pollution, climate (wind, cold, heat, etc.), sun radiation including UVA and UVB, cigarettes, etc. These factors contribute to cellular aging, wrinkles or even dehydration of the skin.

It is therefore important to take care of our skin and this starts with removing make-up. The latter will allow us to remove all the impurities due to the factors mentioned above.

So we start by washing our hands and we bring our makeup remover lotion made in BeautyMix! Apply a little lotion in the palm of your hand then, with a circular massage, gently remove your makeup and all the impurities that have been deposited on your face throughout your day. So you prepare your skin for the second step: cleaning!


# 2: cleaning

This step will allow you to remove the excess makeup remover and wage war on the last impurities! Here we opt for a mild soap or its konjac sponge (see our article).

On damp skin and always with great gentleness, we wash his face by applying his cleansing treatment by massaging his face. Once this ritual is performed, rinse with clean water.

Your skin is finally clear and purified from external damage!


# 3: the lotion

The lotion will help fight against the limescale present in the water and thus prepare your skin to receive the next care.

Depending on your skin type, you can choose the most suitable lotion - we like natural floral waters (rose water, orange blossom water, lavender…). Soak your cotton pad in lotion and place it on your face without rubbing. The secret of this ritual is the delicacy, show your skin that you love it and that you take care of it and therefore that you take care of yourself !!

The third step completed, your skin is ready to receive the rest of the care !!

So we meet in our next article to provide all the necessary hydration !!


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See you soon.


La team BeautyMix

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