Fun activities to do with your children!

For a successful winter vacation!

start in a few days and your children may be fully home with you. They will ask for your full attention and you will have to find occupations and activities to offer them, which they can do alone or with you.

Rest assured, we have some simple, fun and ecological ideas for you!

With your BeautyMix and some ingredients that you will find on our online store, have fun creating decorations, make-up or even products to personalize according to your children's preferences. So let's go, we have concocted a great program for you!

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Create natural paint with them ...

To launch an idea of fun, healthy and responsible activity to your children, start by suggesting that they create their own painting. You may never have considered it, but it can be done simply and quickly. To make your homemade "paint" , you will need:

To start, drop two tablespoons of calcium carbonate in your container. Then pour a little water so as to soak your calcium carbonate. Mix well to obtain a fluid consistency, neither too runny nor too thick.
You can add some natural dyes if you want. This paint is mainly for use on your windows and glass.

To clean it, all you need is a little water on a cloth and rub gently.

M any decoration like them!

What if you made the decoration of their room with your children?

For this recipe, you can easily make using BeautyMix ingredients a self-hardening paste which is similar to Fimo clay. With, make all the shapes you want for a personalized decoration.

To do this, take:

In a saucepan, mix the ingredients over low heat using a spatula . Then let the dough rest for a few moments. As soon as it has the right consistency, start shaping it. Add a little water if it dries up while you are still working it. You can create and make shapes with cookie cutters. Leave to rest for 48 hours. You can then paint and add any details you want!

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Make healthy, homemade makeup

What if you proposed to your children to make make-up of animals or their favorite hero? To make your homemade makeup, you need:

Does this recipe ring a bell? This is normal, this is our recipe for lip balm ! You just need to add a few pigments to make a makeup product for children (and adults!).

When your preparation is ready, all you have to do is pour its contents into a bamboo stick or in a small pot. You will be able to work your make-up directly on the stick or with a brush ! Great, right?

Create their bathroom products with them :)

What could be better than to introduce your children to more responsible consumption by teaching them to make their own bathroom products, all in a fun and ecological way.

So why not offer them to spend a moment making their shampoo and their shower gel by personalizing the scent according to their desires and tastes? On our Online Store, we propose some hydrosols with various smells, but you can easily replace them with whatever they want.

You can find our shampoo and shower gel recipes just here.

So, do you think these activities will appeal to them?

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