A moment to sort it out!

It's time to sit down and take stock of the products we have. This cream bought a year ago in a supermarket and whose contents I have not finished, will I buy it back or throw it away? This shampoo with the wrong composition and whose list of ingredients was far too long to have read it in full, are you going to redirect you to this one again? All these products in your shower that are in plastic packaging that you have, can they be recycled?

So many questions that it is necessary to ask oneself. Do you want to change your habits and your way of consuming ? This is the perfect opportunity to start all over again, take care of and take care of your skin and the environment again.

First step: Sort it out!

Open your cupboards. What do you see ? Do you know how long your products have been open?

To know the validity of a product , all you have to do is look at its packaging and examine a pictogram in particular, called "period symbol near opening". This indicates the number of months of validity of your product: 6 months or 12 months. Damn, can't you remember when you first opened it? In the future, remember to write the opening date on your bottle. This is what we advise you to do each time when creating your products. A good way to avoid getting expired products on your face or body.

There are other ways to tell if your product has passed. First, in terms of its smell . If the scent has changed, look no further, something is wrong. You can also quickly realize it visually and to the touch : the texture and / or the color could be modified.

If your products are still usable but you don't want them anymore, because it does not correspond to your skin type or did not have the desired effectiveness, do not throw them away! A loved one may be happy to get them back. There are also associations who recover care and make-up to help poor women. Of course, we do not recommend that you exchange or donate products that could cause problems or infections in others, such as eye products, for example.

This problem of products not suitable for your skin type would not have happened if you had made your product yourself ... Sorting is also finishing your started products and making the right resolution that you will not buy it back for environmental, health and taste reasons.

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Step 2: Become aware, then make good resolutions ...

Now that you've done the sorting, what lessons will you take from it? Less plastics ? Less products? More care tailored to your skin? 

On this subject, let's talk about plastic ... The report "Plastic, the great Intox"highlights the alarming figures surrounding plastic. What torment the spirits somewhat ... These figures, here they are:

  • 10 tons of plastics are produced per second in the world

  • 9 billion tonnes of plastics have been produced since 1950

  • Only 9% of plastics are recycled

  • It takes thousands of years to make it disappear entirely

And so many products, for what reasons? A day cream, a night cream, a serum, an eye contour, several make-up removers, several lotions ... Do you need these many products that accumulate and which for the most part expire before you even have them? have had time to use them in their entirety?

And their price? Very high for some? Obviously, you are free to pay the price you want, but did you know that for only a few euros you sometimes have very good quality products? 

The list of ingredients is huge and you are ultimately not even sure what to put on your skin? You would like to be able to read this list and decipher it but these are scientific terms and the saleswoman of the store was not of great help to you ... If you want to have products with a list reduced ingredients, 100% adapted to your needs then we have the solution.

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The solution provided by home cosmetics

Make your home cosmetics with BeautyMix solves a large number of the problems mentioned above.

First of all, our cosmetic recipes are simple and minimalist. So you only make and own the bathroom essentials , which is what you really need! These products are made up of very littleingredients, natural and adapted to your skin type. Because yes, you can personalize your products according to your skin type. Just choose theactive and l'oil tailored to your needs. Nothing could be simpler because the recipe for your homemade products guides you step by step in your achievements. You are the master of your composition and for that, your skin thanks you.

BeautyMix is also the anti-plastic solution . All the containers that we are offering you are in reusable glass. Once a bottle is finished, you no longer have to worry about recycling it because you will be able to wash it and reuse it for your next projects. 

You also save money . Because, of course, there is the basic investment of robot and its ingredients. But did you know that a cream made with BeautyMix costs you € 4 for 50ml ? What is more, for a quality cream. Who says better !

You adapt the quantities to your real needs. Our conservative allows your products to be stored for three months at room temperature.

Simply get started in home cosmetics ! A fun activity to do alone or with others. The very opportunity to introduce your children to this concept.

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