A 100% natural routine for your home!

Our skin is not the only one that needs and has the right to benefit from tailor-made products that are good for it. Our house is demanding too! Living in a healthy environment is also a factor of well-being and well-being, allowing you to take full advantage of your environment. Different factors come into play: it goes through the decoration, the layout, the colors of the walls ... But also by the maintenance that we bring to our habitat.

For this, we thought it useful and necessary to create our range of cleaning products!

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An interior in line with your values ...

Step number one in this routine is to switch to a healthy, natural whole house cleanser. For this, we have developed an effective and quick recipe: it is the multi-purpose cleaner.

Why turn to this alternative? It is a much more ecological and economical product than those that are frequently bought in supermarkets. We developed it with quality brand ingredients Briochin, these being known for their effectiveness.

In addition, its cost price is lower. Making a multi-purpose cleaner with our recipe and the recommended ingredients costs you 0.69 cents .

This recipe, as its name suggests, is to be used for all surfaces of your house, while respecting your property. To facilitate its use, nothing like favoring a spray flacon so you can easily apply it to the places you want to clean.


Healthy and clean laundry ...

Taking care of your textiles but also of your skin involves the use of a detergent and a fabric softener that respects the latter two. So, it's time to integrate products that meet your expectations ...

For this, we have developed two recipes of laundry and a recipe forsoftener House.

Regarding laundry, we opted for two recipes with two flagship products: one based on black soap, the other at Marseille's soap. For these two recipes, only three ingredients are present, all of the brand Briochin : efficiency is there! Plus, each of these recipes cost you next to nothing :)

Regarding fabric softener, it is an excellent natural product, protecting your washing machine. His secret ? THE'citric acid Ecocert !

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Respected dishes ...

To complete and end this routine for your 100% natural home , we wanted to offer you a homemade recipe dedicated to your dishes. This is our Dishwashing liquid, with the ideal composition to guarantee the respect of your cutlery, your skin and the planet .

We advise you to use it with a homemade sponge, as we suggest in our tutorial of the Tawashi sponge just here.

Our homemade dishwashing liquid recipe consists of only five ingredients of the Briochin brand. Ecological and economical too because its cost price is 4.87 € .

It's worth the cost / blow to switch to a 100% Home Made routine, right?

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