5 astuces pour prendre soin de soi

Because to illuminate from the outside, you have to sparkle from the inside, the BeautyMix team has decided to share with you their favorite tips for taking care of yourself from the inside.


With the hectic pace of life that we lead, it is sometimes difficult to relax and take time for yourself. But that's not a reason! So we jump in a nice hot bath on a Sunday evening. We light candles, we sprinkle our bath with petals and we lather it until overflowing! We relax in a subdued atmosphere with the help of our favorite music or his book of the moment! Take the opportunity to illuminate your skin from the outside using a 100% natural and homemade mask!


Marilyn Monroe used to say: “A smile is the most beautiful makeup a woman can wear”. So let's go have fun! We phone our best friend, we hug our children, we think of our best vacation memories, anything that can make us smile!


We take time for ourselves! We prepare ourselves a tea or a hot chocolate and we take the time for our skin. We exfoliate our body using a scrub and we do not forget to hydrate (find our article to hydrate yourself from the inside just here) !


On the advice of Juvénal: "A healthy mind in a healthy body", we take 30 to 45 minutes to do a workout! We go running and enjoy nature and the sun. Or we continue to relax by doing a little yoga session! Careful, ready? To your chakras!


Finally, we resource ourselves with our loved ones! Because they know you best and will always be with you, what better way than spending time with those who make you smile and who make your days even more beautiful than the others? So, we go for a picnic, cycle or pedal boat ride and we enjoy!


And you, what are your secrets for taking care of yourself?

Do not hesitate to give us your feedback!


See you soon.

La team BeautyMix

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