3 eaux détox ultra désaltérantes !

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3 ultra-thirst-quenching detox waters!

With the beautiful days which arrive, the summer, the beach, the sun, the heat…! Let's not forget to stay hydrated! And for that the BeautyMix team has concocted 3 detox and ultra-refreshing waters!

A water with mojito flavors, but 100% sugar-free and 100% detox!

On the program, lemon, mint and cucumber !!

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Lemon, a natural antioxidant, promotes digestion and hydration. It will also have an appetite suppressant and detox effect on your body, while mint will promote digestion. Finally, cucumber is our essential hydration!


Let's go to the tropics, with our Piña Colada detox water!
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Coconut water is known for its draining and energizing virtues. It will promote hydration and digestion. Associated with pineapple, our anti-cellulite and detox asset, this water is your summer draining secret!


A little sweetness, with a raspberry-basil detox water!
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Raspberries, a source of vitamin C, are also an antioxidant and a source of iron. Basil is rich in vitamin K and antioxidants. Let's face it, it also goes very well with raspberries!


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       La team BeautyMix

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