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Discover the many uses of the multi-purpose balm

Many homemade cosmetic recipes target parts of the body or have one and the same action. For example, the body milk home-made moisturizes the body, deodorant masks body odor and shampoo clean your hair ... I'm not teaching you anything.

But what if there was a product that could perform multiple actions at once? What if one and the same product could be used on the skin of the body and the face ? What if in addition to that, you could make this product simply at home with ingredients healthy and natural for you and the environment? Well this product exists, it is the multi-purpose balm !

Our new home cosmetics recipe !

Anxious to develop recipes in high demand and which could please as many of you as possible, we wanted to offer you this new product: the multi-purpose balm.

After weeks of formulation to find THE ideal recipe, we are now able to offer you a product that is both very effective and pleasant to use.

It is recommended for all skin types but particularly in the context of severe skin dryness . Its composition is mainly made of fatty substances in order to deeply nourish each area of your body. In this homemade cosmetic recipe you will therefore find our hazelnut oils and D'Almond, our cocoa butter greedy as well as our beeswax. To finish our creamy emulsifier. A perfectly balanced formulation to meet the needs of your skin!


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What are the uses of multi-purpose balm?

  • Excellent body balm : it soothes and nourishes every area of your body such as the elbows, knees ... It can be used in the context of atopic skin and those suffering from eczema.

  • Lip balm : it deeply nourishes your lips and repairs them deeply.

  • As an ultra-nourishing treatment for the face : it is the perfect ally for dry and sensitive skin.

  • Make-up remover balm: it perfectly removes all traces of make-up thanks to the fatty substances that constitute it.

  • Hand balm: it soothes itching and dry skin on your hands, bringing them softness and comfort.

  • Care for the cuticles : it softens and moisturizes the periphery of the nails, thus promoting their growth.

  • Brighten up your tattoos .

  • Extends the tan.

  • Very good care for the hair : it is also an excellent mask and care for dry hair lacking shine.

Why making your multi-purpose balm is a good alternative to industrial products?

Producing your products, whatever they are, is a gesture that makes sense for several reasons: you manufacture the product that perfectly meets your needs , you use ingredients of quality, healthy and natural ... It is a fun activity that is economical ! Indeed, your multi-purpose balm made with your BeautyMix costs you € 4.50 for 30ml!

If you want to make and test this recipe, just go here to find the stages of its development :)


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