The beauty routine of winter with BeautyMix!

Winter rhymes with freshness, hot drinks, rich foods, comforting moments and series by the fireside ... But winter also rhymes with skin care adapted to these low temperatures and the few inconveniences that are sometimes associated with it. Don't you have your skin that feels a little more tight? The face that blushes more easily? And sometimes even some tingling sensations? It is normal, in this season your skin changes, adapts to this new environment and therefore needs a new routine!

Today, we give you the tips for a successful winter routine with BeautyMix! Create the treatments that suit you by limiting the number of products!

Some ideas for a successful winter skincare routine!

The cold tends to dry out or dehydrate our skin. Dry skin needs nourishment . We must therefore provide it with as much fat as possible. On the contrary, dehydrated skin lacks water.

And we must not neglect any area!

To meet these needs, we have put together a list of receipts  the most suitable home cosmetics with BeautyMix!


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Step 1:

As in every season, it is essential to remove make -up and cleanse your skin every night. During this time of year, we particularly recommend our homemade two-phase makeup remover , rather than our micellar water. Yes but why ?

A two-phase make-up remover consists of a fatty substance: oil. This allows you to remove makeup, but also to leave a greasy and protective film on your skin at the end of its application. Choose the oil of your choice from theAlmond, from jojoba or from sesame. We recommend sesame oil which is the most nourishing of all!

Small BeautyMix tip : Apply it in the morning and in the evening all over your face using a washable cotton!

Step 2:

You could tell us that the scrub, by its action scrub, could further damage your skin. But don't worry! In winter, the squames also called " dead skin " needs to be removed to allow the skin to renew itself! The dryness of the skin can be due to the accumulation of these dead skin, the number of which you can gently remove. Because our scrub is a particularly gentle exfoliant. Made up of apricot kernel powder, this cosmetic ingredient is ideal for sensitive skin . Like other of our products, it is also made up of glycerin and oil for a moisturizing and nourishing action.

Small BeautyMix tip : You can use this recipe both on your face and on your whole body!

Step 3

This will nourish and hydrate your skin in depth thanks to these few essential ingredients: glycerine which is ideal for dehydrated skin thanks to its action "moisturizer"allowing to retain the moisture of the skin. It also has an action"hygroscopic"which retains water and absorbs moisture. To accentuate this moisturizing action, add a few drops of our gel de lin, which is THE perfect moisturizer.

Our homemade cream will also have a nourishing action, ideal for dry skin thanks to the oil that you incorporate in your recipe! We highly recommend theSesame oil to deeply nourish your skin.

Small BeautyMix tip : You can use this cream both on your face but also on your entire body , as well as your hands and feet ! If you want to use this on your body, however, you do not need to add the flax gel which is more useful for the skin of the face.

Step 4:

We all have chapped lips at this time of year ... Dead skin, itchy lips ... BeautyMix has developed a recipe for a very rich lip balm that is perfect for this problem. It is composed of cocoa butter, d'oil and of beeswax. Beeswax is used as a film-forming agent to form a protective veil preventing dehydration of your lips.

These three ingredients are the perfect combo to deeply nourish your lips. But not only...

Small BeautyMix tip : You can also use your balm on very dry areas of your body including the hollow of your nose, your knees, your elbows. ..

Step 5:

You are going to tell me: "How can my lipstick created with BeautyMix be an essential part of my routine for this winter?".

Quite simply because our lipstick recipe is the same as that of our balm except that you add pigments which are the "Carmine"or the"Iron oxide". For a nourishing lipstick in the perfect color!

Little BeautyMix tip : Apply your tinted lip balm in the morning to illuminate your complexion and perfect your makeup!

You now have all the keys in hand for a successful homemade winter skincare routine with your robot and your ingredients BeautyMix !

But, you don't necessarily need to use our ingredients in recipes as some are self-sufficient. Why not use a drop ofsweet almond oil on your whole face or on your scalp before sleeping? Vegetable oils alone perfectly nourish your skin and hair. Find all the information on our oils in This article !

Linseed Gel can also be used alone for instant hydration! Place a few drops of it on the dry parts of your body. a article  also covers this one.

And you, what is your perfect routine for this winter?

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