From industrial cream ... to homemade cream!

In the last article, we told you about the list INCI cosmetic products. To give you a more specific example, today we would like to talk to you about creams . What is a cream conventionally made of? How do you recognize a good cream? And how BeautyMix offers you to switch from industrial creams to homemade creams while obviously keeping the guideline of which a list of ingredients is composed! 

With this article, we want to reassure you about the fact of making your own cream, by proving to you that with the same base of ingredients as beauty professionals, you can make creams just as effective, in less time !

So let's do a little comparison!

    What is a cream made of?

    To begin with, know that a cream is an emulsion . It is more precisely the dispersion of a liquid in another liquid which is immiscible with one another, in the form of fine droplets. These two liquids are in two phases: an aqueous phase and an oily phase .

    Commercially and traditionally, an emulsion is produced in this way. Let's start with the aqueous phase:

    Ingredient familyFunctions
    Aqueous solvent (also known as dispersant phase)Excipient 
    Gelling agent or thickener
    Humectant (also known as hygroscopic moisturizer)

    In the oily phase, you will find:

    Solid or liquid fatty substance (also known as dispersed phase)
    Viscosity, spreading and emollient
    And to finish :
    ConservativeMicrobial protection
    Effectiveness and action of the product
    Odor, color, PH, viscosity

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    Make your homemade cream?

    As we have just seen, a list of ingredients follows a classic guideline. Afterwards, brands are free to add more or less of these ingredients in their formula.

    So how do you find your way around and be sure that you are offered creams like in the trade but better? Home cosmetics with BeautyMix means finding the basis of these lists of ingredients and incorporating them in all simplicity thanks to our receipts

    In the recipe for normal skin cream, here is what each of our ingredients corresponds to! 

    Benzyl alcohol
    G el de lin
    Moisturizing active
    Rose hydrosol, orange blossom, peppermint ...
    Sweet almond oil
    Fat body

    If you were hesitant to take the plunge, you now know that home cosmetics with BeautyMix misses no detail and offers you an alternative to the complex and overly long lists of certain creams!

    Making your homemade cream with BeautyMix is also a better alternative in terms of time than classic homemade cosmetics. Indeed, you do not need to worry about buying additional accessories like the whisk and the bain-marie, nor to worry about the mixture of the two phases (water and oily).

    Thanks to robot, Simply add all the ingredients in the bowl and the robot does the rest! 

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