Everything about our solid conditioner!

We have always been used to using products in liquid form. But now the trend is reversing and for mainly ecological and practical reasons, the solid revolutionizes our bathroom! At BeautyMix, we now offer all the ingredients and the recipe to make your own solid conditioner.

Wondering how to use our solid conditioner and how our star ingredient works for this formulation? We tell you everything!

How to use the conditioner?

  1. Wring out your hair after washing it with the solid shampoo,

  2. Moisten your solid conditioner by running it under hot water,

  3. First rub it between your hands to develop the emulsion,

  4. Then rub it directly on your lengths,

  5. Rest your conditioner then comb your lengths using a comb or your fingers,

  6. Rinse thoroughly with clear, warm water.

Our advice ?

Keep your solid conditioner away from water on a soap dish.

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How does the detangling care emulsifier work?

Detangling Care Emulsifier is an ingredient known as a conditioner that is formulated to repair, nourish and lock in moisture.

You should know that hair is composed of negative charge and this type of so-called cationic surfactant contains a positive charge that binds to the negative charge of damaged and dry hair. The attraction is very strong and the surfactants completely surround the hair and cover the cuticle like a protective film. Cationic surfactants keep the cells of the cuticle tight between them, which provides suppleness, softness and facilitates detangling. 

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