A moment of well-being for Mother's Day!

Out of inspiration? Need a gift idea ?

The mothers' Day fast approaching... You may be part of the "I got it done in advance" team or the one who is always late... Don't panic, whatever the timing, this year we thought of two great gift ideas for your mom!

These two gift ideas, what are they ? Moments of cocooning and well-being at home... An improvised spa session ! Whether your mom is calm and composed, or hyperactive and alive at a hundred miles an hour, we imagined two boxes to match their unique personality.

So, do we discover them together?

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For a woman who lives at a hundred miles an hour ...

To give it a daily boost , the healthy glow kit is ideal!

It is composed of the essential ingredients for the realization of a serum and three face creams : healthy glow effect guaranteed!

But what is the star ingredient of this kit? The timeless oily carrot macerate. It will give your mom a fresh, luminous and sun-kissed complexion.

By offering him this kit you bring him a moment of good humor around a playful activity in the making of his homemade products . And you offer him a moment of relaxation at home!

To discover our kit, it's just here !

For a calm and poised woman.. .

We told you: each mother has her box. So for those who want ultra pampering treatments, we have what you need. 

We have imagined a very complete box of homemade cosmetics for a radiant face . This box contains all the natural ingredients to make a cleanser, scrub, mask or face cream .

By opting for this box here, you offer her a unique moment to take care of her like at the spa. She will be even more proud to have made her products herself!

To order this set, it's To be.

And you, your mom is rather healthy glow kit or cocooning box ?


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