Why do we trust Emma Noël oils?

How to sell their oils helps us reduce our environmental impact

Until then, you could find on our online store vegetal oils packaged in glass bottles with their bamboo stopper and a BeautyMix label. Our oils are chosen with care and have been selected from local producers in whom we have complete confidence. But the process turns out to be the following: the oil is distilled by our suppliers and is put in a first packaging. It is then transported to our warehouses where it is again conditioned in our packaging before reaching you. 

Thus, we wanted to find a better solution in order to promote a shorter circuit , reducing our environmental impact in our logistics process. We have therefore taken the decision to offer the products of our artisan-producer partners directly. This allows us to have the shortest possible production chain but also to highlight their quality know-how . With this decision, we also wish to be always more transparent towards you, our customers, so that you have all the information concerning the origin of the vegetable oils that we offer.

Why Emma Christmas ?

In this process, we really wanted to find THE good craftsman who could offer us the best vegetal oils of the market. We therefore turned to Emma Noël, whose history, values and production of their oils seemed to match our wishes.

Emma Christmas is a French cosmetics brand, a real benchmark in the market for organic vegetable and virgin oils . Since 2004, they have been able to prove that their oils are qualitative, recognized for their sources of active ingredients and their natural scents. They are also all dermatologically tested and are without additives : a sure value for your skin! Indeed, the quality control that the brand performs is at the highest level.

The brand has its own oil mill, in France, more exactly in Saint-Esprit Bridge in the Gard. This location allows them to distill the seed oil from the cultivation of local producers , mainly from the South of France.

We also really like their packaging: all their oils are stored in reusable glass bottles with pump !

In short , this change allows us to favor the short circuit and to offer you oils extracted from traditional know-how and real expertise . The brand Emma Christmas therefore has our full confidence.

To find out more about them, we invite you to take a tour of their site internet :)

What does this change compared to "BeautyMix" oils?

Apart from the name on the labels and the packaging, nothing changes! You will always find the same quality inside your bottles. You can still continue to follow our recipes using oils Emma Christmas no questions asked :)

Only the oils present in the case and the kits remain the oils that were offered until now. 

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to let us know under this article, we will answer you with pleasure!

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