Let's talk about pigment spots!

Why do we have pigment spots ? How to prevent it? What about the scars on the face? How to reduce them?

In this article, we will look at the different causes of the appearance of spots on the face and the ways to remedy them.

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          How do pigment spots appear?

          First of all, it is important to remember that tasks can have different origins that are often overlooked. Indeed, brown spots are often associated with aging of the skin . Although this is a reality, there are many other factors that can trigger the appearance of spots.

          They are the result of a hyperpigmentation localized linked to an overproduction of melanin.

          Here are the main causes, the common point being the sun since it is the combination of the factors below and the sun exposure that creates these tasks.

          • Solar radiation : in fact, UV rays can trigger the appearance of brown pigment spots called " lentigo On the face, which can appear at any age. It is in a way, an exhaustion of the skin of its solar capital. Be careful, these spots can appear years after exposure to the sun!

          • Acne : In the sun, inflamed pimples without protection can trigger the appearance of brown marks in teenage girls / young adults. This is called post inflammatory hyperpigmentation.

          • Hormones : especially during pregnancy, hormones, combined with the action of UV rays can cause a " melasma Characterized by numerous brown spots on the face. This overproduction of melanin is mainly localized on the face (cheek, nose, upper lip, forehead).

          • Age : more common in people over 40, they can nevertheless occur earlier. The stains are not strictly speaking related to age but will always have as a starting point the oxidation related to the sun, which by overproduction of melanin, will create these visible stains on the exposed areas (arms, hands, face, etc. cleavage) but which will accelerate with age.

          How to prevent them?

          To prevent dark spots, the most important thing is to put appropriate sun protection on the body and face. For the face, an SPF 50 cream will be ideal for protecting against harmful rays.

          To prevent spots, you can also use creams enriched with antioxidant vitamins (A, EC).

          Once installed, do not hesitate to use moisturizing and antioxidant topicals , always based on vitamin C. For example lemon which will have lightening properties.

          There are also medical methods which will not be discussed here but which may prove to be effective. Do not hesitate to consult your dermatologist.

          For example, the busserole, a shrub from the Ericaceae family, is interesting in the case of pigment spots since the oil from the leaves is rich in arbutin , a molecule that inhibits the production of melanin and accelerates its elimination. It also helps to unify the complexion and tighten the pores .

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