How to properly prepare your skin for the sun?

No one could have missed it: the sun is FINALLY back! The terraces, legs in the air, mojitos, gardening, outdoor sports, the beach are ours!

Yes, the beautiful season is starting, but not sure that our skin sees things the same way…. This article will give you ALL the secrets to best prepare your skin for the sun and thus reconcile it with it.

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How does the sun affect my skin?

In addition to the positive effects on morale and the synthesis of vitamin D, the sun can be dangerous for our skin.

Decryption of this phenomenon: solar radiation is mainly composed of five types of radiation:

  • infrared
  • visible light
  • Ultraviolet (UV)
  • X-rays
  • Gamma Rays

However, UV radiation is dangerous for our body and can be emitted both by the sun but also via artificial sources (tanning lamp).

They are completely invisible to the human eye and do not provide any sensation of heat. Infrared radiation is responsible for this.

There are two types of UV radiation: UVA and UVBs . UVA rays are little filtered by the atmosphere and represent 95% of UV rays, while for UVB rays a part will be stopped by the ozone layer.

However, both pose deleterious health risks by accelerating skin aging, causing sunburn, hyperpigmentation and even skin cancer.

Why and how to prepare your skin for the sun?

The skin is a fragile organ that it is important to protect well. It is the first protective barrier of our body that must be pampered!

The sun will impact the skin by accelerating the aging process and weakening the cells. Good preparation for the sun is therefore essential.

  • It all starts on the plate!

From the month of May/June, do not hesitate to emphasize fruits and vegetables on your plates! This will make it possible to replenishantioxidants (vitamin A, beta carotene) andessential fatty acids and therefore to protect your skin against the aggression of the sun.

But, how to recognize the fruits and vegetables richest in antioxidants? The more colorful the vegetables, the more there will be: tomato, pepper, strawberry, apricot... We will favor seasonal vegetables, which are even better!

Why antioxidants ? They will help create a protective film on the epidermis e. Beta-carotene, in addition to its own antioxidant action, is excellent for night vision and also allows you to have a nice tanned complexion.

  • Good hydration.

The drier the epidermis, the less it is able to protect against the sun's rays. Thus, a good preparation requires daily hydration of the skin through cream, serum, milk, oil... Also remember to drink water regularly !

  •  A gentle scrub.

A weekly exfoliation will refine the grain by eliminating impurities and dead cells from your skin before any exposure. However, be careful not to use an overly aggressive scrub that could sensitize your skin.

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The flagship ingredient of your homemade products!

At BeautyMix, our favorite summer ingredient is macerate carrot oily.

This ingredient rich in beta-carotenes can easily be integrated into our homemade cosmetics recipes such as those of oily healthy glow serum and some healthy glow cream. It will become your best ally before summer!

To find the serum recipe, it's just here. You can also make that of the cream just here.

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