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This pretty organic cotton kit contains all the ingredients that allow you to create several moisturizers, makeup removers and lotions. Find our recipes on the BeautyMix mobile app and make the products you like in the quantity you want.

Package contents:
• the oil of your choice 30 ml
• the hydrosol of your choice 30 ml
• preservative 10 ml
• emulsifier 15 g
• glycerin 10 ml
• 30ml empty pump bottle

The ingredients are organic. Liquid ingredients are contained in reusable glass vials and solid ingredients are contained in kraft pouches.


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  • PAGES NICOLAS on 12/19/2020 10:11:38

    Bonjour, comment fait-on pour acheter sur votre site? Je ne trouve pas le bouton "acheter". J'arrive seulement à faire un panier mais pas à l'acheter.