Marseille soap flakes

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Quality: Ecocert
From: France
Volume: 750 g

Nothing but good, only soap, there is no perfume, no dye, nothing harmful.

- 100% natural and traditional laundry.
- Cooking carried out in a cauldron respecting the Marseilles manufacturing process.
- Biodegradable, contains 72% exclusively vegetable oils.
Certified by Ecocert.
- Hypoallergenic laundry: recommended for washing laundry for sensitive skin (infants and people with allergies).

Perfectly suited to delicate linen (silk, lace ...) and baby linen.
Practical information: Kraft bag of 750g.

To respect the environment, run your washing machine at full load, use low temperature washing cycles and follow the dosage instructions.

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  • Jen on 06/15/2020 13:44:12

    Que de bonnes choses dans ce produit huile de palme et dioxyde de titane.... Dommage que vous proposiez des produits avec des ingrédients à controverse. Surtout pour de simples morceaux de savon...