Acide citrique Ecocert

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  • Quality: Ecocert
  • From: France
  • Volume: 450 g

Véritable produit ménager multi-usage, l'acide citrique va te permettre de nettoyer et détartrer à fond toute ta maison ! Certifié Ecocert et 100% naturel. 


Citric acid has descaling and cleaning properties and its anti-rust effectiveness makes it a great ally in combating difficult stains.
- True multi-use household product, to be used throughout the house!
- 100% of the ingredients are of natural origin
- Fine white powder for many domestic applications.
- Cleans, descales and fights limescale.
100% natural product.
Resealable doypack bag for better conservation: 450g.
Dosing shovel integrated into the product.
Ecodetergent certified by Ecocert Greenlife according to the Ecocert standard available on
Do not use on sensitive surfaces such as marble, limestone, aluminum, enamel.

Composition sheet:

INCI name: Citric Acid

Score YUKA 100 / 100