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This active ingredient is extracted from lemon myrtle, certified Cosmos and of Australian origin, and is recognized for its effectiveness on combination to oily skin thanks to its anti-bacterial, sebum-regulating and anti-inflammatory properties.

- Regulates sebum production to rebalance the skin on a daily basis
- Limits the appearance of imperfections (acne) [1], smoothes the skin and tightens pores
- Soothes the skin of inflammations and skin irritations

[1] Tests carried out on 30 volunteers, who applied the active ingredient twice a day for 30 days.

   Possible products: cream, serum, lotion...

Uses: it is used for the care of combination to oily skin, acne tendencies, anti-pollution in cleansing products and light creams. Cosmetic properties: rebalances the content and quality of sebum, eliminates free radicals, reduces the appearance of shine, has an antibacterial and disinfectant action. Production of the mattifying active ingredient: it is obtained by a natural and optimized extraction process. Quality: 100% vegetable origin and certified organic. INCI designation: Glycerin, Backhousia citriodora leaf extract Backhousia citriodora leaf extract: it is an Australian active ingredient extracted from the leaf of Backhousia citriodora (Lemon myrtle), specially designed to improve the control of oily skin caused by the environment. It acts on the production of sebum and rebalances the skin. Organoleptic properties: Appearance: liquid Colour: yellow to brown Solubility: miscible in water Density at 20°C: 1.05 – 1.35 pH at 20°C: 4.0 – 8.0 Recommended use: 1 to 2% Recommended use pH: 3.0 – 6.0 Incorporate during the cooling phase below 40°C. However, its resistance having been checked for four hours at 80°C, it is possible if necessary to introduce it hot. Good to know: Lemon myrtle is very popular in Australia as a garden plant for both its lemon scent and attractive shape. The leaves are used to produce essential oil, which has antiviral properties. It was traditionally used to calm insect bites, allergies, infections, fevers and colds. Lemon myrtle was also used in cooking flavorings where fish was wrapped in the leaves and cooked over a fire.

INCI name: glycerin, backhousia citriodora leaf extract

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