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Biosourced conditioning emulsifier

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  • Volume: 50 g

La cire émulsifiante, issue de la betterave sucrière est d'origine végétale, certifiée Cosmos par notre fournisseur et biodégradable. Sourcée en France, elle possède des bienfaits hydratant reconnue et elle limite les tiraillements. Le démêlage de cheveux est considérablement faciliter grâce à la cire. Elle est adaptée à la confection de crèmes et produits solides.

   Possible products: conditioner, mask and hair care, solid shampoo, solid make-up remover, solid conditioner

The Bio-based emulsifier conditioner is a 100% natural cationic surfactant suitable for emulsions and solids. This conditioner is of vegetable origin and biodegradable, it provides a conditioning effect to the skin and hair but also a moisturizing effect, will limit tightness and reduce the irritating effect of anionic surfactants. On the hair, it improves the feel and appearance of the hair and considerably facilitates detangling. Applications: Can be used in emulsions such as conditioners, hair masks and hair care. Also in solid products such as solid shampoo, solid conditioner, solid makeup remover, solid facial cleanser, etc. Cosmetic properties: Conditioner, moisturizer, non-irritant, softness, extreme detangling, does not dry out the skin, does not weigh down the hair. INCI designation: Arachidyl/Behenyl Betainate Esylate (and) Arachidyl/Behenyl Alcohol Arachidyl/Behenyl Betainate Esylate: This is the hydrophilic part of the surfactant which comes from sugar beet. Arachidyl/Behenyl Alcohol: This is the hydrophobic part of the surfactant which comes from rapeseed. Quality: 100% Natural, 100% Biosourced, biodegradable, COSMOS certified and from France. Organoleptic properties: Appearance: Waxy shavings Colour: White-light yellow Odor: Neutral Melting point (temperature where it becomes liquid): 74-76°C Percentage of use: In solid products: 4 to 50% In emulsions: 4 to 12% Dissolve in the oily phase when hot Storage condition: Store at room temperature away from humidity and light. Close well after use. Precautions: Keep out of reach of children, do not swallow, avoid contact with

INCI name: arachidyl/behenyl betainate esylate, arachidyl/behenyl alcohol

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