Our values



At Beautymix, naturalness is a priority! We want to offer you the purest possible products from natural raw materials and local production as soon as possible.
We seek to be closer to nature and take care of it by sourcing as quickly as possible and reducing our impact on the environment .

To do this, we have set a number of priorities:
• Choose organic products, vegans if possible
• Select local producers
• Make reusable glass containers or containers made from recyclable materials (kraft bags)


The sharing

Transmettre nos valeurs, notre passion et notre savoir-faire nous pousse un peu plus chaque jour à progresser et renforcer nos liens !

Nous sommes des passionné.e.s de fait-maison et aimons le partager autour de nous à travers des démonstrations via nos réseaux sociaux ou directement en magasins pour faire ensemble, des ateliers, des moments partagés entre amis, en famille, ou au sein de la communauté des BeautyMix Addicts.

Notre force, c'est vous !


The simplicity

Everything is done to facilitate access to home cosmetics and make it accessible to all : We accompany you step by step in your first achievements, offer you ready-to-use boxes that facilitate the purchase of useful ingredients, a free app and recipes, an educational approach to produce ONLY what you need (no waste!)... everything is secure to get started without risk.

Simplicity applies both within Team Beautymix and during our exchanges with the community: We listen and meet your needs for recipes, (or even the big vat?)



Team Bautymix is committed to inclusivity in all its facets!

Part of our production is carried out by ESATs .

We offer gender-neutral recipes, easily achievable by everyone, and personalized to meet your needs as closely as possible. In short, at Beautymix there is something for everyone!



It is a relationship of truth that unites BeautyMix and its customers.

Everything is displayed : origin of the products, recipes accessible free of charge to all, recipe creation process, sharing of customer opinions, content to decipher, understand and progress towards homemade.

Above all, we want to establish an honest and sincere relationship with our community!