Homemade cosmetics for the WHOLE family!

At BeautyMix, we propose to make all the recipes for cosmetics, home maintenance or creative hobbies in a fun way.

In this article, we will explain why and how you can use them for the whole family and without risk! 

Why are BeautyMix recipes suitable for adults and children?

No essential oils in our formulations .

You won't find essential oils at BeautyMix, which, although they are of natural origin, can be dangerous when used incorrectly. Indeed, some may be contraindicated in young children, or in pregnant women and people with epilepsy.

The use ofhydrosols orvegetal oils is thus favored to avoid any allergic risk or inconvenience in the formulations. BeautyMix recipes and ingredients are suitable for the whole family, and even for the most sensitive skin!

Formulas tested and approved.

To validate the regulatory compliance of the formulas of our cosmetic products, the following checks are carried out:

  • Analysis of all the ingredients used in the recipe to identify potential risk substances (allergens, regulated substances).

  • Stability tests to see if the product is stable over time. 

  • Challenge laboratory test to determine the effectiveness of our preservative. 

  • pH tests to be certain that it will respect the skin of our consumers.

  • Validation by a toxicologist expert of the formula and the precautions for use of our recipes.

Quality ingredients.

The selection of our ingredients is based on several criteria:

  • High quality, traceable, natural products from organic farming.

  • An origin as local as possible and in short circuit directly from the producer.

  • Eco-responsible packaging, limiting plastic, and reusable.

Prohibited substances are of course not in the list of ingredients constituting BeautyMix recipes. 

Optimal preservation of products.

BeautyMix is totally transparent on the importance of having surfactants, emulsifiers, preservatives in the formula in order to respect the basis of cosmetology. THE conservative chosen in our recipes is approved by organic labels and guarantees the conservation of finished products at room temperature.

What are our recipes for the whole family?

At BeautyMix, we strive to offer recipes that can be used by the whole family since they are available and adapt perfectly to each skin type and problem: for young and old.

Our face creams :

You can personalize the creams by modifying the vegetable oil used and the hydrosol.

Thus, we advise:

  • L’jojoba oil is the oil closest to sebum, for oily skin, leaving a dry touch.

  • L’nuts oil will be ideal for combination skin.

  • L’sweet almond oil Will it be used for sensitive, dehydrated skin but will not be recommended for combination to oily skin since it has a comedogenic index of 2.

  • L’Sesame oil particularly suitable for irritated or dry skin, and in anti-aging care.

The hydrosol will also have an interest in personalizing the smell of the cream. And there's something for everyone !

  • The pepper mint will have a fresh and astringent effect, tightening the pores.

  • L’rose hydrosol will bring softness and comfort to creams and will be interesting for mature skin.

  • That ofhamamélis will have a pleasant floral side and will be perfect for combination to oily, blemish-prone skin.

  • L’orange blossom hydrosol will bring the touch of pep that invigorates and will appeal to children.

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And for the shower?

Our shower gel:

For the shower gel too, everything is available according to your desires and preferences. The smell will be chosen according to the hydrosol as seen previously.

Here, two choices of oils are possible: sweet almond and hemp.

  • Sweet almond oil will be ideal for dry, sensitive skin and for children!

  • L’hemp oil should be used for skin prone to redness.

Our detangling conditioner:

There too two choices of oils can be made: hemp oil and sweet almond oil.

  • Sweet almond oil will be ideal for a sensitive scalp and dry ends. It will nourish the hair.

  • Hemp oil will be used to strengthen the hair and bring shine to it.

In case of very dehydrated hair, you can add, instead of water, a moisturizing active ingredient that corresponds to the gel of linen. It will increase the hydration of your hair.

There you go, you have the cards in hand to best personalize your recipes for the whole family.


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