Book or application, what to choose to make my homemade products?

To follow our recipes for homemade products and make them step by step, we offer two options: our paper book or our application mobile.

But which of these two mediums suits you best? How do each of the two proposals present itself?

In this blog post, we tell you more about the development of the BeautyMix book and mobile application to help you choose the one that will accompany you in the realization of your homemade products!

The BeautyMix home cosmetics book

Be in possession of recipe book of BeautyMix home cosmetics means having all the keys in hand to achieve the receipts produced by our brand. Indeed, our book brings together all the recipes for hygiene and cosmetic care that are necessary for your daily life. You will find there in particular our recipes for shower gel, shampoo, micellar water, toothpaste, lip balm... And more recently, we have added the category "makeup"allowing you to make your own homemade lipsticks !

The advantages of having the book is that you physically have the product in your hands, you can appreciate the texture and the smell of quality paper and turn the pages according to your desires... We particularly appreciate this side "old-fashioned" where everything was in paper format, which you can store and slip into your collections, shelves or library!

This new version therefore contains:

  • The updated summary

  • Precise explanations of our concept

  • Our natural ingredients and their properties

  • Our care recommendations according to skin types (combination to oily, dry, dehydrated...) and skin conditions (sensitive, mature...)

  • Our precautions for use

  • Our recipes sorted by categories

  • Part: my notes, how to label your products...

  • A part: my recipes, to write down all your recipes and ideas for homemade cosmetics to make

  • A very comprehensive book! Please note, however, that our book does not contain our cleaning product recipes and is exclusively dedicated to home cosmetics.

The little extra : we are very proud of this version made of recycled paper! 

Odoo - Sample #1 for three columns

Odoo- Sample #3 for three columns

L'application mobile BeautyMix

Our application allows you to easily and quickly access from your mobile phone to the whole universe of homemade products with BeautyMix. Very intuitive and easy to use, you can walk around and discover our application split into different parts. 

The advantages of having the mobile application and that you have it everywhere with you and that you can use it with your BeautyMix at any time. In addition, it does not only contain recipes for cosmetic products but also those for maintenance produced in collaboration with the brand. Briochin. You can also carry out your skin diagnosis using a quick and personalized questionnaire . Thus, we create directly and with you your ideal skincare routine !

Our mobile application consists of: 

  • A home page where you can perform your skin diagnosis in one click and find the store, recipes, information about our robot, the online magazine and your account

Then :

  • One tab: diagnosis

  • A tab: shop by category "accessories", "assets", "discovery boxes", "gift card"...

  • A tab: recipes by category "beauty face", "hair", "body and hygiene", "maintenance of the house"...

  • A tab: my account to connect or create it in one click

The little extra : our mobile application can be downloaded for free on Iphone And Android

And you, do you prefer paper or digital format?

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