An ideal gift, combining the useful with the pleasant!

Offer him the BeautyMix

A birthday , a party, Christmas , a birth ... Various events exist and require special attention. Whether tangible or intangible, sometimes you have to rack your brains to find THE gift that the recipient will love and that he may really need.

We often want to find an original gift that will ideally combine the useful with the pleasant . What if this gift is right in front of you? A gift allowing to spend a playful moment, developing creativity and encouraging more responsible consumption? We found this gift for you: the BeautyMix, the home-made robot at your fingertips! 

BeautyMix, what is it? Our concept!

BeautyMix is a robot allowing you to have a fun time by making your own cosmetics and maintenance products.

But it's not just a robot ... it's also:

  • A application mobile on which you find our forty receipts as well as our news. You can save your recipes there, make your skin diagnosis or get the ingredients you need.

  • US ingredients : natural and organic , individually or in a kit for healthy and quality products.

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Home-made is on the rise!

Home-made is the ability to quickly and easily create the products you really need and whose composition you have control over.

Offer you the BeautyMix where you can discover it around you is the opportunity to practice an activity alone or with your family around the world of Do It Yourself. This activity is as suitable for adults as for children thanks to our safe precautions for use and our receipts guided step by step, all in simplicity!

Using our BeautyMix robot also means saying goodbye to industrial products and plastics : the ingredients are under control, the packaging can be reused and you make less waste.

The opportunity to develop good habits for everyone! 

Why BeautyMix is the ideal gift?

Our robot has many advantages:

  • It's fun : a 100% creative moment where everyone can easily make their products. Choose the recipe of your choice, weigh, mix and all in a few minutes. To clear your head alone or with your family and have a good time. The little extra ? The pride of having produced your own products! 

  • It's ecological : control the composition of your products using only ingredients natural and be sure to use the right dose to avoid mess. In addition, the containers are all reusable glass.

  • It's economical : you manufacture quality products at a lower cost. Once you have purchased the robot and the ingredients, you quickly get a return on this first investment by carrying out ALL the products for your bathroom and your home for several months.

  • It's healthy : the ingredients offered come from local know-how and are all natural and organic. You do good for your skin and the environment.

  • It's personalized : you can adapt your recipes according to your skin type but also your preferences in terms of scents and of textures. Your products are 100% personalized to meet everyone's needs!

Giving a BeautyMix robot is giving a gift that has meaning, that is innovative and original ! You are sure to please, whether for beginners or experts and regardless of age! 

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