The fall beauty routine with BeautyMix!

Summer is over!

Good news for some, bad news for others ... The temperatures will gradually start to drop, the days to get shorter and take a whole new rhythm. It will be time to acclimatize to this new season in terms of both routine and skin care. And yes, this one will be in demand of care more adapted to the temperatures. In addition, wearing the mandatory mask on a daily basis, in the street and at work can cause some tightness and skin reactions .

We are therefore going to see together the homemade skincare recipes adapted to this period!

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Still a little sun with the good-looking face cream !

It is not because we are in autumn that we can no longer have a radiant and tanned complexion !

To keep a nice natural glow, we strongly recommend our healthy glow face cream recipe. It is thanks to oily carrot macerate that your skin will get that beautiful color all day long.

If you do not yet know this great ingredient, we invite you to read our blog article dedicated to its subject just. here.

To be applied in the morning alone or under your makeup, it will accompany you throughout this fall! His little extra ? It is also hydrating: a two-in-one!

To make it, it's very simple and it only takes a few minutes! You can follow this homemade cosmetic recipe step by step on our video tutorial on our Youtube channel :)

Fight against droughts thanks to multi-purpose balm !

Autumn is, as mentioned above, synonymous with cooler temperatures. As a result, the skin of our body can be irritated, torn, sensitized ...

What if homemade cosmetics allowed you to make a product that could nourish all parts of your body? From the elbows, to the lips, to the hair ... we have developed Recipe meeting all these needs combined: the multi-purpose balm.

Rich in vegetal oils and cocoa butter, he will be your ally in the coming months. To know the steps of this homemade cosmetic recipe, it's just here. 

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Odoo image et bloc de texte

A little pleasure just for you: don't forget your smile under your mask!

Give yourself the pleasure of wearing a pretty lipstick despite wearing the mask. Our tinted lipstick recipe is also a great nourishing treatment and no matter the mask, your lips need it :)

You can also surprise your loved ones once the mask is removed with the pretty colors that you can create thanks to your BeautyMix !

For fall, we advise you to make the following colors: greedy rose and raspberry pink : classics.

Their color is obtained thanks to our two pigments: the carmine and theiron oxide. To learn more about these, you can read our blog post to their subjects.

And you, what product are you going to manufacture for this fall?

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