The beauty routine of winter with BeautyMix!

Each new season is an opportunity to set up a new skincare routine more suited to your skin. Winter is a special time when temperatures are lower and the cold can have a direct impact on the condition of your skin. Whether it is your face or your body, it is therefore essential to use the right products. And what could be better than being able to make and personalize your product as you wish? This is what makes home cosmetics amazing!

So let's go, let's do together a homemade routine for this winter with your BeautyMix !

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Step 1: Nourish your skin

One of the homemade cosmetic recipes most suited to this seasonality is undoubtedly that of multi-purpose balm.

By its thick and relatively oily texture, it will be the ideal ally of dry areas of your body. It will nourish, soften, protect and soothe your skin.

To prepare it, it's simple! Only five ingredients are essential for your recipe : beeswax, cocoa butter, vegetal oils... Natural ingredients loved by your skin!

To use it, it's even easier. You just need to take a small amount in your hand, heat the product before applying it to the desired area. A real comforting and cocooning moment.

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Step 2: Goodbye chapped lips

In winter, we tend to have dry, even chapped lips. A very unpleasant sensation which can sometimes lead to bleeding. To avoid this, be sure to have an ultra-nourishing lip balm .

Our lip balm recipe is ideal in this case. Very thick and rich , you can slip your stick and bamboo everywhere and apply your balm anytime.

Its formula makes it an essential ally. Like the multi-purpose balm, it is rich in beeswax, cocoa butter a one vegetal oils. It's up to you to choose the one you prefer! 

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Step 3: Special mention for your hands!

Your hands also need special attention during this time. So be sure to always apply a moisturizer, morning and night.

With the BeautyMix, you can make your own Hand cream in just a few minutes. Its light texture allows immediate penetration without leaving a too greasy film on your skin. This cream helps to nourish, regenerate, and soften your hands.

We deliver you the steps of this fair homemade hand cream here.

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Step 4: Take care of your hair

You know the gel de lin ? If not yet, you need to test this miracle product

Similar toAloe Vera, it is an excellent moisturizer for your skin but also your hair ! You can make it yourself or buy it already made on our Online Store. Because yes, your hair also needs hydration to keep its beautiful shape and strength.

Take a dab of flax gel and apply it to all of your lengths in the morning or in the evening. Your hair will be delighted!

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