Homemade products for men?

And yes, men can also manufacture their care!

Men often take longer to start buying products to take care of their skin, their hair, their nails ... If this cliché tends to evolve, it is sometimes difficult to convince them to do so. !

But what if we gave them the tools in hand to create the routine that suits them? Although the majority of you are women, this is not inevitable and men too can get into making their own. hygiene products and D'home maintenance !

moisturizer, shampoo, deodorant... The recipes we offer are suitable for everyone ! So, challenge accepted?

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Shower products ...

Instead of going to a supermarket to buy your products to use in the shower, why not make them yourself? At BeautyMix, we offer receipts simple, quick to make but also customizable . Thus, many hydrolats are available on our Online Store to allow men and women to navigate according to their tastes and desires.

For example, our recipe for shower gel can be quite suitable regardless of the gender of the one who uses it. For softer and more flowery scents, opt forrose hydrosol orwitch hazel. For stronger smells, choose the Orange Blossom or else from pepper mint.

Our recipe for shampoo is also perfect, whatever the nature or the length of the hair. Just like the shower gel, it is quite possible to personalize it! It washes the hair gently, removes impurities and dirt without drying out the hair.

When we told you that homemade food is suitable for everyone !

a solid deodorant after the shower...

When you get out of the shower, one step is often essential: put on your deodorant . You could use a store-bought deodorant, but the composition of these is not always there ... With BeautyMix, turn to a healthier, economical and just as effective alternative!

This recipe from deodorant in balm is natural and aluminum- free. There is no fragrance, but you can add or just use your favorite fragrance without the smell of your deodorant interfering. It is suitable for all skin types and is suitable even during strong activities !

So, convinced?

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A cream to soothe your skin after shaving ...

One of the stages that most men go through is shaving . After performing this action, the skin is sensitized sometimes even cut. It is therefore essential to apply a moisturizing and soothing cream directly.

Our recipe for aftershave cream is simple and contains only ingredients good for your skin.

Just like the previous recipes, you can customize it according to your preferences. You can also add gel de lin, perfect substitute foraloe vera, it will hydrate your skin deeply!

You can find this recipe just here.

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