Do-it-yourself products for a successful New Year's Eve!

This year, New Years Eve will have a different flavor. Perhaps you will stay at home or visit friends and family in small groups. Perhaps you will opt for a cocooning evening and stay in your pajamas or on the contrary, dress and make up for the occasion . In this new routine, you will find all the homemade cosmetic recipes to prepare yourself, regardless of the type of evening you want :)

So, are we going for this last evening of 2020 ?

A common care ...

Finally, we are on the 31st.

Whether you opt for a cocooning evening or a more festive evening, the first step remains common: start by gently cleaning your skin . For that, nothing more pleasant than to use a micellar water homemade. A guaranteed freshness and gentle cleaning. This homemade cosmetic recipe is very simple, minimalist and pleasant to use.

The little extra ? Choose thehydrolat of your choice according to your evening mood!

Then spray your micellar water all over your face or apply it to a washable cotton. This first step is essential to start your evening in style!

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A rich cream for a cocooning evening ...

To accompany this evening where you will stay quietly at home, you can turn to a richer cream so that your skin has all evening to absorb its benefits. With this cream, your skin will take advantage of the evening to recharge its batteries and regenerate itself . A pleasant moment thanks to its soft and silky touch.

To make this homemade face cream recipe, nothing could be simpler! We give you the right recipe here.

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A light cream under her makeup ...

This cream is ideal in the idea that it will then be covered with a little makeup. Lightweight, it penetrates easily into your skin without suffocating it or weighing it down . A feeling of flexibility for the rest of the evening!
It is therefore an excellent base, and will allow you to take care of your skin with delicacy .

This recipe from face cream is also very fast and customizable according to your wishes. The recipe is to be found just to be.

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A lip balm for an evening at home ...

Taking care of your lips is also important during a cocooning night. Having chapped lips can be really unpleasant ... To overcome this, nourish your lips with a thick balm to protect, maintain, and soften them.

Leave on all evening and overnight and the next day your lips will be repaired. The effectiveness of this homemade lip balm is based on three natural ingredients: the cocoa butter, the beeswax and an vegetable oil.

Find the right recipe to be.

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A tinted balm for a pretty colored mouth ...

To go out and to please yourself, opt for a tinted lip balm in the color of your choice. With the BeautyMix, we offer several choices and variations of colors. Depending on the clothes chosen, you can therefore make the tinted balm of your choice: raspberry pink, coral, romantic red ... For which color will you fall for?

The recipe is also very simple and in addition to coloring your lips, good hydration. Make your tinted balm with the right recipe here.

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Last step to be ready!

Finally, no matter how your evening turns out, don't forget to hydrate your body .

Under your clothes or your pajamas, our recipe for body milk gently protects and hydrates your skin. It is light and therefore you don't have to wait to get dressed :)

Like the other recipes mentioned, it is quick and easy to prepare. Personalize it according to your desires of the moment, with thehydrolat and thevegetable oil of your choice.

Find the recipe here.

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