Resolutions for 2021?

We are already in 2021! A new year which for some is an opportunity to set up new resolutions. But not only... new projects, new goals, new challenges...

How about we work together? Take a sheet of paper, a pen along with a cup of tea or a good infusion. Take stock of 2020: what have you achieved? What were your challenges? Did you make them? What projects do you want to give up? What do you want to continue doing? What lessons have you learned from 2020? And now... What do you want to accomplish in 2021?

With BeautyMix, we can support you and help you change some of your lifestyle habits: a more responsible, healthier and more economical way of life... We help you join a beautiful community around home-made! So, let's see all this together and how it is possible to do better with BeautyMix :)

Towards a greener lifestyle...

By making your own cosmetic products, d'home maintenance or your decoration, you control the composition of these. In the recipes we offer, you will only find ingredients natural and organic, locally sourced. These are therefore ingredients that are good for the planet, sourced from local suppliers to reduce our/your carbon footprint.

By choosing the product recipes you really need, you can prepare the exact doses you need and thus limit waste and overconsumption.

The little extra ? All our containers are made of glass or aluminum. They are therefore infinitely reusable!
By using glass, you say goodbye to the consumption of plastic , one of the most polluting materials...

And you, do you want to have a more ecological way of life? It's easy, right?
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Towards a more economical way of life...

How many times have you bought overpriced products, convinced by a brand's sales pitch? We all have our little pleasures, but sometimes we can save money and maintain good quality.

With BeautyMix, you manufacture quality products at a lower cost. Once the purchase of the robot and the ingredients has been made, the products and ingredient kits allow you to create all the products for your bathroom , several times, quickly making your first investments profitable.
For example, your face cream made with BeautyMix and its ingredients will cost you €2.44 . Your cream is natural, adapted to your needs and personalized.

If you also save money while having quality products? This can be a good goal for your year 2021.

Towards a healthier lifestyle...

What if you turned to products made from natural ingredients ?

By this choice, you are doing good to yourself and to the planet. The ingredients we offer in our receipts are all natural and locally sourced. 
Many products that we consume on a daily basis and that we find in supermarkets, contain bad ingredients, derived from petrochemicals, pollutants... If this healthier lifestyle appeals to you and you want to control the composition of your products, BeautyMix can help you adopt this way of life :)

In 2021, will you turn to a healthier lifestyle ? Tell us everything!

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