Make your own products to take care of your home ☺️

I take care of my environment during containment!

Four weeks have passed since the start of our " 1 article, 1 routine " series. Fourth week which marks the end of this one! But rest assured, other great shares are yet to come!

This last routine focuses on receipts to achieve for your interior. What products do you use the most for your home? Tell us everything!

Take care of your dishes

Only five : this is the number of ingredients you need to make a Dishwashing liquid efficient, which respects your dishes while taking care of the planet.

We developed this recipe with the brand's ingredients Briochin and BeautyMix to ensure a pleasant texture and protection of your skin.

An incomparable alternative to large-surface dishwashing liquids that will only take a few minutes to achieve. So take the plunge by discovering this just recipe here.

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Enhance your laundry with our laundry

By making your own laundry with an adapted homemade recipe, you take care of both your textiles and your skin . So, it's time to make the products that meet your expectations and your needs.

To support you in this transition, we offer two detergent recipes: one based on black soap, the other at Marseille's soap. For these two recipes, only three ingredients are present, all of the brand Briochin for a guaranteed result!

Harmonize everything with the multi-purpose cleaners

Our cleanser recipe multi-usages is mainly made up of black soap of the Briochin brand. It is natural, simple and above all minimalist!

It allows you to clean and degrease all surfaces of your home. Very quick to prepare, you can spray it with a spray or apply it to a sponge.
Want to try it? Just meet to be !

And you ? Have you made the switch to making your own homemade cleaning products? What are your favorite recipes?

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