Make your own dishwashing liquid!

BeautyMix is the art of making yourself ... Create, develop, manufacture: our robot offers the possibility of making up to forty recipes cosmetics and, more recently, products frommaintenance. Detergent, fabric softener, cleanser ... And our novelty: the Dishwashing liquid !

After weeks of testing to give you the best product ever, we tell you more about the benefits of making this product yourself! Why use dishwashing liquid? The harmfulness of industrial dishwashing liquids?

We tell you more!

Are liquid dishes harmful?

We often sell that they are hypoallergenic, sometimes even ecological ... But what is it really? Sometimes irritating and harmful to our eyes and our skin, how do we distinguish the true from the false?

If we take a good look at the packaging of these products, we will see that they are hypoallergenic or labeled, that a majority of products include pictograms indicating a danger. These are accompanied by mentions specifying this fact. For example, dishwashing liquid causing eye irritation will have the sign "!". If it causes eye or skin damage, you can see another pictogram, this time representing a hand eaten away by the liquid. 

According to European CLP regulation, manufacturers have the obligation to put these indications on their products. This is intended to indicate the problematic composition from a certain concentration of product. The name of these substances must also appear on the label, and ... they are often found!

But, it is complicated to know the composition of dishwashing liquid. Indeed, the regulation of these detergents does not require the detailed and complete display of the ingredients on the label. However, it must be developed on the manufacturers website. Not very practical, don't you think?

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An alternative solution?

With all this information, we would like to turn to products that are healthier for us and for the environment! So which alternative is the best? You know, homemade is for us the ideal solution to industrial products ... So what are the advantages of making your own dishwashing liquid?

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          • It's economical

          Buy only the ingredients necessary for the manufacture of your final product and reusable packaging will necessarily cost you less than renewing your purchases of dishwashing liquid in store. The initial investment may be higher but you will quickly make it profitable because these can be used to achieve your recipe.. In addition, by using a glass or aluminum packaging, you can reuse the latter endlessly. For our cleaning product recipes, we work with the brand Briochin to offer you healthy, natural and quality products.

          Also note that when you make your dishwashing liquid with the BeautyMix, the cost price is 4.87 €. What defy all competition!

          • It's good for the environment

          By manufacturing your product yourself, you use ingredients in limited numbers and healthier. Thus, you will no longer discharge harmful substances into your waters. And the planet thanks you!

          • It's fun

          By developing your own dish soap, you control the ingredients you put in and can personalize it. Have fun varying the flavors, personalizing your containers ...

          Plus, making it yourself is fun, easy and quick . It is an activity to do alone or with the family to teach your children the right gestures.

          With the BeautyMix, this practice is safe because we detail and explain step by step the steps of making your homemade dishwashing liquid !

          So, are you ready to get started?

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