Les secrets beauté d’Argentine

As promised, we continue our section the secrets of ... After Madagascar, we find ourselves in the company of the wonderful Julia who was kind enough to reveal some of the well-kept secrets in Argentina (hint: jojoba oil is one of them ;-))! So we cross the Atlantic and put our sunglasses on towards Latin America!


Can you introduce yourself ?

My name is Julia and I am from Argentina. Graduated pharmacist, I also trained in cosmetics in Argentina. I came to France with my French husband, and today I work as an analytical chemist.


Can you tell us about your training in cosmetology?

After my studies in pharmacy, I started to work in pharmacies. But from day to day, it was a salesperson's job… I missed the wording! I then followed a cosmetology training in Argentina in order to better understand the functioning of the skin; and it has become a passion! I wanted to go further and thus trained in the development of cosmetic products and phytocosmetics. Arrived in France, I finally validated a Master in Quality of cosmetic products at the University of Paris Descartes.


What beauty secrets from Argentina can you tell us?

Argentina is a country with a very dry climate, so our skin requires a lot of hydration. For example, we use jojoba oil and aloe vera.


What are the natural ingredients that can be found in Argentina? What are its virtues?

Patagonian rosehip oil. It has moisturizing and anti-aging properties, but be careful, it is not suitable for oily skin because it is comedogenic.

Jojoba oil deeply hydrates the skin and penetrates very well. I recommend it in particular for normal and oily skin.


What is your top 3 in terms of natural cosmetics?

Personally, I make all of my products myself! My favorite ingredients:

Soy butter which hydrates and whitens the skin

Jojoba oil, a must have for me!

Avocado oil from Mexico, ideal for skin and hair. I love how light it is and the fact that it doesn't stick.


What guides your choices in terms of cosmetics?

Other than makeup, I don't buy any products. If I buy any, I carefully read the ingredient lists! I don't want silicone because it does nothing for the hair or the skin. When using silicone products on the hair, it takes a month for it to regain its shine and natural beauty.


What is the best beauty advice we have given you?

 I received three tips that I scrupulously follow! Always use sun protection to avoid long term stains; exfoliate your skin once a week, and moisturize it morning and evening.


What advice would you give your best friend regarding skin care?

For me the composition of the products is essential, so I would advise to always check the list of ingredients, thanks to the internet or applications mobiles to start. As you go, you will see, we recognize the good or bad ingredients. A product that is not suitable can change the skin type of the person using it. It is therefore important to always seek advice before choosing your treatment.


We meet very quickly to discover the secrets of new countries! Do you have suggestions ?

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See you soon.

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