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We meet again today for our brand new section: The projects we love! One way for us to introduce you to extraordinary people and ideas that inspire us every day!

And to start this section, we have not skimped on the means! Because today leadership is everyone's business, but especially women… we had the chance to meet the pretty Yolande Libene and we asked her a few questions…


Can you introduce yourself

My name is Yolande Libene, I am 28 years old. I am the founder of Bossie Media, the first media dedicated to female leadership. I am Parisian, and addicted to personal development.


3 adjectives that qualify you and why?

The words people use most often to describe me are:

  • wise: it's my “grandmother foliage” side. I am the guidance counselor and the coach of my entourage
  • determined: certainly because I took a big risk in life to make certain dreams come true
  • grande: I still have one of the rare first names that rhyme with great! I measure 1m78


What was the trigger for Bossie's initiative?

While I was in master's degree, I went through a pretty painful job interview - all the stereotypes about women and blacks passed. I wondered how we could fight against stereotypes and prevent them from influencing the lives of people, and women in particular. It has become an obsession. When I left my company last September, I knew I wanted to create a project in this direction; a project to enable women to no longer be victims of the representation that society has of them. 

Can you present the magazine to us

This is the magazine I dreamed of. A magazine that pulls me up, inspires me, with people I can relate to. It is a concentrate of energy on a hundred pages. We read interviews with women entrepreneurs and business leaders, fascinating testimonials, surveys, advice from business and leadership experts, personal development exercises. Everything you need to progress and become the best version of yourself.


Why did you choose to create a magazine that is both business and feminine?

Because it is the image of our lives! We spend 50% of our time at work, it's important to talk about it. But Bossie does it with a new, younger and more feminine angle. As a teenager, I really liked the women's press, it was funny and fresh. But now that I am older, it has become completely disconnected from my daily life and my needs. This is why the alliance of business and the feminine seems to me to correspond to the expectations of our generation.


Who is your magazine for?

To women who want it! Those who want to realize their dreams, hold positions of responsibility in a company or create their own, launch an association, train, move abroad, those who want to live fully and fulfill themselves. If you don't have a dream, you better not read Bossie!


You are also at the initiative of "Sistas Club", can you explain the concept to us?

As I told you, I have wanted to fight against stereotypes for a while. The Sistas Club was born from an article which said that the best way to limit their influence is not positive discrimination or mentoring, but mutual aid and collective emulation. This is why I had the idea of creating a club. I wanted to bring together young girls from the suburbs, like me, and see what we could do together. It was great, I offered job search preparation courses; We also organized events like Sistas Good Vibes where we discussed social issues, we gave image consulting courses, we brought in female entrepreneurs. A crazy adventure, which brought together hundreds of people; I loved.


What do you think of leadership today?

We need it more than ever. The world is in a leadership crisis; youth in particular have no benchmarks. The old-fashioned model of leadership based on order and authority is dying. The good news is, this is the opportunity to create a new model. I am convinced that women will contribute to the emergence of innovative ways of doing things and Bossie will be an actor in this change.


And on the beauty side, what is your top 5 in terms of natural cosmetics?

I am a fan of natural waters (rose, blueberry) and oils (coconut, sesame), a habit that I inherited from my mom. It's simple, but effective. Otherwise, I have favorite products: Shea whipped cream from Secrets de Loly, cleansing foam from Nuhanciam, hair mask with baobab oil from Shea Moisture.


What guides your choices when it comes to cosmetics?

The experience. I have a sometimes stressful professional life, I don't want to add more! I have very little time, so I like to keep a simple routine. It is about giving myself a moment of pleasure and well-being above all. I love the captivating smells, the rich textures, the pretty colors.


What do you think of the concept of BeautyMix?

A few weeks ago, we were organizing a conference on cosmetics. We have talked a lot about technology and customization. BeautyMix is precisely at the intersection of these two trends. As a consumer, we increasingly want to be involved in manufacturing. And then, it's fun!


What's the best beauty advice you've ever received?

"Make yourself a mask with cornflower water when you are tired" - my mom

"If you want to love your hair, you have to give it love" - my sister (founder of the site labeautedigitale.fr)


The last word: what advice would you give to readers who wish to carry out a personal project?

There is no problem in life that cannot be solved with a little courage.



And you, what projects inspire you?

Do not hesitate to give us your feedback!

See you soon.


La team BeautyMix

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