Ideas for DIY activities for children!

The news has fallen! Kindergarten, primary, middle and high school children will be at home for the next three weeks. An announcement that did not delight all parents... Are you also one of those parents who will have to juggle between teleworking and school at home? Who will have to rack their brains to find entertaining activities for their children?

Don't worry ! To help you find fun Do It Yourself activities to offer your children, we have some ideas for you. We have concocted some creative leisure recipes for you to make with natural ingredients , everyday elements and your robot BeautyMix for some.

Our promise ? Moments to share around playful activities that make sense and leave room for creativity ! Sow the seeds and the love of homemade from an early age :)

To start, we have two great activities to offer you on a floral theme... Let's go!

Make your wreath of country flowers!

Odoo - Sample #1 for three columns

This simple DIY adapted to sunny days is ideal! To make your flower crown, all you need is a few daisies to pick up in your garden or in a park.

Odoo- Sample #2 for three columns

  • Take two daisies,

  • Place the first daisy in front of the second,

  • Wrap the stem of the first daisy around the second from behind,

  • Then, replace the rod around the first.

Odoo- Sample #3 for three columns


  • Then take a third daisy and perform the same action.

Odoo - Sample #1 for three columns

Use as many daisies as needed to get the desired length.

Odoo- Sample #3 for three columns


And then get a beautiful flower crown !

You can also make a bracelet or even a darling of flowers... The combinations are endless!

Make your daisy oil!

You can use it to nourish all areas of your body , but it is particularly appreciated for its firming and anti-wrinkle properties . For example, you can use it as a treatment for the eye contour !

Odoo - Sample #1 for three columns

  • Pick your daisies without the stems.

  • Rinse your freshly picked flowers.

  • Let them dry. Little trick : put them on a baking sheet at sixty degrees for about thirty minutes.

Odoo- Sample #2 for three columns

  • Pour someSesame oil in a glass jar, a jar of jam for example.

Odoo- Sample #3 for three columns

  • Then add your daisies.

  • Macerate them for four weeks and you will get your special oil for Spring!

Do the Spring cleaning!