Do it yourself, the solution to free your mind and feel good!

In normal times, it is not insignificant to know people known as "stay-at-home" in your surroundings. This desire to stay at home can have several reasons ranging from a simple desire to stay locked up to a real psychological disorder. Studies and phenomena have been perceived on this subject, thus putting words on behavioral disorders due to this constant confinement.

This is why in these very special times, we wish to highlight the consequences of this confinement on our well-being but also the solutions brought by the practice of beautiful creative activities, thus helping us to stay the course.

Staying at home doing nothing ... What are the consequences?

Let's talk about a phenomenon in its own right called "HikikomoriThis particularly harsh example in the notion of confinement and "I do nothing", was born in Japan and highlights certain individuals, and more particularly adolescents who lock themselves up for months and years without external contact. except the internet. It is from these extreme cases that we have been able to observe and demonstrate the negative effects and risks of staying at home and doing nothing during your days ...

It seems that staying at home would indeed have negative consequences both on our well-being and on our psycho-physical aspect . According to a review in "Current Biology", this initially causes anxiety but also sleep disorders .

But we're not there ! Because to overcome this and the current non-possibility of going out as we would like, there are solutions . As a first step, limit the use of social networks and the internet and go about more creative occupations alone or with others, if you live with family or friends ... Because yes, we want to avoid meeting each other at all costs. in this situation. This is why we deliver THE most effective solution to you: practice creative activities !

How creative activities boost our self-esteem and well-being?

Sociologist Ronan Chastellier once said "Designing objects is good for morale". And he's right !

Above all, it is very rewarding to engage in creative activities. It's good to believe that one has of oneself and the realization of objects or products is comforting. To create with your own hands is to feel in control of your actions and happy at the idea of having done yourself. That is why the activities of Do It Yourself are the best that are within the framework of this confinement. Fill up on creativity and boil your ideas . Do things that are meaningful to you and that you may have overlooked: paint, cook, tinker ... have fun!

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DIY activities, how are they good for morale?

Two thirds of French people have embarked on DIY and 93% say that " it is fun and lifts morale ", according to a study Opinionway.

When we talk about Do It Yourself activity , we obviously include home cosmetics, but not only. These activities include jewelry making, sewing, DIY ... These creative hobbies have nothing but benefits . Indeed, by carrying out them we gain confidence and a certain serenity arises in us. This helps us to empty our mind, evacuate bad thoughts, to breathe for a moment ... Thus considerably reducing our stress , which is sometimes well anchored in us. These activities help us release tension.

In view of all the information that we absorb on a daily basis, it is good to cut off and say "stop!". Unconsciously we continue to think about it. It has been proven that when doing crafts we focus on our creation and take a break from the influx of negative thoughts and information. Time stands still for a moment and our thought is only in the realization . We are focused on something else, and that lowers the tension in everyday life. It is therefore very liberating !

Through this type of activity, we can fully express our personality and our feelings . We are ourselves and our creations are the result. Sometimes our best communication is not the one we express in words but in our actions. This is why drawing and writing are also our best ways to communicate what we feel.

Art therapist Marie-Laure Dubois confirms these statements to us and delivers to her Internet users that creative leisure helps us "to evacuate our stress, it is also to give it a positive outcome in the realization of an object that pleases us. We can then consider what weighed on us in another way and go beyond it ".

Doing yourself, taking an interest, trying out new practices also means developing your skills and knowledge.

If we lack self-confidence and if we feel like we are useless during this period, well we can find use in our creations.

To create oneself is also to find the meaning of the objects and things that one has. It is not only the fact of having bought this product or in the case of cosmetics to have in one's possession a cream with which one is satisfied. It is being able to say that we did it, to be proud of it and to claim it . This gives meaning to its consumption and may even call into question the way we consume it. Sometimes this creation does not require investing in material, we can find to be creative through a whole bunch of everyday objects and salvage. If you lack inspiration, take it from the Youtube and Pinterest tutorials. Many magazines are also available to guide you step by step! 

A little creative and spring idea!

March 21 marked the start of spring! So to give balm to the heart and if you are lucky enough to have a garden, here is a little creative leisure tip that is good for morale!

Make daisy oil!

Pick a few of its flowers, then steep them in the vegetable oil of your choice for four weeks . We advise you in particular'Sesame oil which is perfect for this maceration. In four weeks, follow the evolution of the manufacture of your oil.

This oil is known for its firming and anti-wrinkle properties . You can use it around the eyes but also as a treatment for your breasts .

In this particular period, we have planned to share many other Do It Yourself tutorials and tips with you, so do not hesitate to follow us on our page. Instagram, Pinterest and on our channel Youtube.

If you make this oil with daisies or other flower, do not hesitate to share your achievements with us!

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