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Summer essentials


That's it ! Summer is finally here ! The sun, the sand, the beach, the holidays… The BeautyMix team has made a selection for you for a top summer!


At BeautyMix, when we go on vacation, we like to cut corners and relax. We take advantage of our vacation to start, continue or start reading again! Our favorite for the summer?

ORAHE of the lovely Estelle Lefébure! We like to discover the tips and advice of a renowned model! An ode to well-being and self-fulfillment. In her book Estelle Lefébure gives us her secrets to nourish her body from the inside and the outside. On the program: recipes (soooo good!), Meditation (and yes we have to rest our mind which turns 100 per hour) and sport! A healthy mind in a healthy body. A book that can be devoured ...


Who says summer, says sunscreen! It is true that it is always pleasant to enjoy the sun while spending your afternoons on the beach or by the pool, but you think about your skin and protect it as much as possible! Because the sun is only there to give us a boost!


We continue to protect and take care of our body by exfoliating our skin once a week! And yes, who says beautiful tan, inevitably says exfoliation! You polish your tan by hydrating yourself every day with the help of top-notch body milk!


At BeautyMix, we like to add a little chic edge to our beach outfit! So we think of the hat! We like it big, we like it class and we like it design !! In addition to making us chic, it helps us avoid sunstroke! A two-in-one tool!


And because in summer we like to look pretty and smell good, we opt for a soft and light fragrance. At BeautyMix we love mists and floral waters. A discreet way to smell good!


And you, what are your essentials for a top summer?

Do not hesitate to give us your feedback!

See you soon.


La team BeautyMix

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