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Make your homemade massage bar

The last few months have been stressful, and moments of relaxation have become scarce ... The pressure is easing, the holidays are scheduled for some and we are all ready to give way to relaxation .

To help you relax and take care of yourself, we've crafted the perfect wellness moment by focusing on one essential product in this routine: massage bar.

Ready to learn more about it and the benefits of massages for our body? So let's go !

The benefits of massages

The term “ massage ” still “modeling” body, encompasses all the practices that exist, and we list ... a lot. Therapeutic massage, lymphatic drainage, well-being and relaxation ... All of them provide the body with the comfort and health it needs.

Some research highlights the fact that the benefits of health messages are major. Indeed, it sometimes happens that doctors prescribe massages to their patients to control and fight against the effects of stress and other tensions.

The objectives of the massages, by the contact and the gestures carried out, stimulate the nerve endings, thus rebalancing bodily energies and aiding in the production ofendorphines also called "pleasure hormones". Scientists also find that massages help reduce blood pressure, stimulate the immune system and raise blood levels. serotonin, chemical messenger of the nervous system, to combat stress.

This stimulation of the nerves sends signals from the skin to the brain, triggering global messages throughout the body. This also allows the secretion of hormones likeinsulin. Each nerve cell is in connection with the others. This is why if you only perform a back massage, your whole body will still be relaxed and relaxed.

How often is it recommended to massage?

You yourself can perform daily self-massages on areas that are prone to tension such as the palms of the hands, the soles of the feet, the trapezoids ...

For the whole body and since some areas are difficult to massage alone, it is recommended to perform a massage monthly by those around you or professionals to help maintain your overall health.


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Physical benefits

  • Attenuate and relieve pain (neck, back, head ...)
  • Reduce points and knots of tension
  • Soften the muscles
  • Evacuate toxins
  • Tone the body

Therapeutic benefits

  • Provide total well-being
  • Relax and de-stress
  • Bring relaxation
  • Better morale
  • Fight against stress, anxiety, and depression

Make your homemade massage bar!

We have developed a recipe to allow you to make your own massage bar.

It is a solid massage bar, melting in contact with your skin to facilitate a massage that is pleasant to the touch ... and to the smell! Because it is made up of cocoa butter offering a gourmet scent!

The benefits of'vegetable oil which composes it will have an additional action on your skin. The beeswax is the last essential ingredient, offering a compact texture and a slightly greasy feel to the bar.

This homemade massage bar can be used on all areas of the body, to be used by yourself or by a loved one for a pleasant moment!

Want to test it? It's just here.

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