A DIY afternoon with your children!

As the school holidays approach, finding activities to occupy your children is not always an easy task ... Two weeks during which you have to occupy their mind ... and their hands!

So why not offer them Do It Yourself workshops with the BeautyMix and its products? The opportunity for them (and for you) to share a playful moment around a creative hobby, which will allow them both to have fun but also to learn the right gestures! 

So are you ready ?

Some ideas for a successful vacation!

Linking business with pleasure is BeautyMix's credo!

First idea: make a personalized shower gel with your child. Children are often fans of very foaming shower gels with sweet smells and explosive colors. This homemade cosmetics workshop is an opportunity to explain to them that a shower gel, although it is very attractive, must aim to cleanse their skin while respecting their skin barrier, their hydrolipidic film and the pH of their skin. It should also be emphasized that most shower gels do not always have a composition that is very respectful of their skin and would even tend to damage it. You can explain to them that with BeautyMix, they will be able to create their own healthy shower gel and bring it the scent and color they want!

So let's go ! Show them the recipe on the delivered or the mobile application on the shower gel. Follow the recipe step by step with them and have them choose the'hydrolat of their choice (rose, mint, orange blossom ...). If they want other scents , you will find in some stores or online hydrolats Where natural fragrances sweeter (fruit), gourmet (vanilla, caramel ...) or flowery (blueberry, lavender ...). 

According to their wishes, decorate their shower gel with a few drops of food coloring (red, blue, green ...). These can be found online and in supermarkets. Natural, they pose no risk to their skin!
Here are the links and references of some dyes that we recommend:

Texte Odoo et bloc d'image
Note that from the age of six, children can make their BeautyMix recipes independently, under your supervision! You may be able to guide them in their first creation of homemade cosmetics and then let them discover and test other recipes that they can personalize according to their desires! Children are full of imagination and this activity will stimulate their creativity. In the same way and as they wish, they can create their own shampoo or their toothpaste !

During the holidays this winter will also take place the carnival from February 20 to 25! You can suggest to your children to create their own make-up and use our "Halloween make-up" recipe. In our article, we offer you a recipe that is healthy for their skin and ideal for making the makeup of their choice in complete safety. You just have to take the recipe from lip balm and add the pigments of your choice (red, black, white ...). Your children will have many possibilities and can make the mixtures they want!
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Upcycling and DIY activities with BeautyMix ... 

First idea : Homemade Bee's wrap !

Create your own "cellophane" style packaging using note beeswax ? It's possible ! Your children will be able to pack their snack for school without plastic! For this more eco-responsible alternative, you will need:

  • From a piece of organic cotton fabric. You can buy this fabric in haberdashery or reuse your child's old t-shirt.

  • From a bag of beeswax

Preheat your oven to 100 degrees and place your piece of fabric on a baking sheet, itself covered with baking paper. Place a few beeswax sequins evenly on your piece of fabric. Put your plate in the oven and leave it for 3 to 4 minutes. The beeswax will thus melt over the entire fabric. This will be lightly coated and its texture will allow you to wrap the foods of your choice.

An alternative of realization with the iron is also possible.

This fabric will keep for a few months and can be washed in cold or lukewarm water! Convenient, isn't it? And ecological !

We let you discover the Kindergarten tutorial to illustrate our remarks: https://www.facebook.com/LaMaisonDesMaternelles/videos/461643457909385/

Second idea : Trivet in corks !

Why not reuse the bamboo stoppers from your empty BeautyMix containers to make great trivets? A fun, simple and useful activity!

For this activity, you need to assemble all your caps by simply sticking them with a strong glue found in supermarkets, in the "DIY" or "creative hobbies" departments. Put a dot of glue on one side of your corks and assemble them in turn.

For a more colorful trivet, your child can hand paint it or use a spray to diffuse the color evenly.

And you, which of these creative activities will you try out with your child? Do not hesitate to share with us your ideas and the images of your achievements! We wish you a great family vacation! :)

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