A cocooning December evening

December is the month for evenings by the fireside ... It is also the time of year when we want to spend comforting and cocooning evenings surrounded by what makes us happy. They are also moments for yourself or to share around the theme of the end of the year celebrations. Do you visualize this atmosphere? To allow you to live these moments as pleasantly as possible, we have concocted the PER-FAIT program! So, let's dive into a beautiful autumn-winter evening together ...

A warm environment ...

The first step of this evening is obviously to create the ideal atmosphere ... A sofa or a very soft bed on which rests a soft plaid, a little infusion of the brand of your choice, a essential oil diffuser to help you relax, dim light ... But you are missing the lights! What if you were the master of the latter and created your own candles? Wouldn't that be great?

Arm yourself with your BeautyMix and your candle kit to make your candles in just a few minutes!

You will have natural candles in soy wax, diffusing a beautiful scent of essential oil to complete this beautiful evening in December!

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Treatments that do you good!

Who says cocooning evening, says cosmetic products to do good and take care of your skin.

Here are the three essential products for a successful evening:

  • a scrub to gently exfoliate your face

  • a mask to wrap you

  • A rich cream to hydrate and soothe your skin

And what could be more satisfying than making these recipes yourself at first. With your BeautyMix, your ingredients and your application mobile you can make these three recipes quickly and easily.

The apricot kernel scrub will bring the greedy side, the mask an immediate appeasement, and the cream an intense hydration.

Manual activities ...

For your cocooning evenings, you can opt for several styles of activities. Some of you will prefer to watch a series or a movie but others will enjoy doing creative activities, to do alone or with those around you. 

In our last blog post, we give you simple Christmas decoration ideas to make with BeautyMix ingredients and your robot.

Why not take inspiration from it? We give you the right link here

And you, what is your ideal cocooning evening ?

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