100% natural children's makeup for Halloween

Halloween is an opportunity for your children to express their creativity through the creation of scary... or original makeup (real artists at heart!). But, makeup for the little ones is not always suitable for their sensitive skin and their desire to put their hands everywhere...

Industrial make-up? What alternative?

Y es, industrial make-up for children or adults are filled with harmful ingredients and the composition is mostly ... doubtful. I no longer need to quote you theparabens,allergenic fragrances,heavy metals and other ingredients that are definitely not your skin's friend. children.

But don't worry anymore, BeautyMix has thought of everything and to spend a pleasant All Saints' Day holiday and avoid any problem of skin rash, we have imagined an ideal alternative for them: makeup with healthy, natural and gentle products for their skin . skin. Guaranteed result, we assure you! We have validated our recipes and tested their harmlessness ourselves!

It is also for them the occasion of a first initiation to natural cosmetics. Maybe they will like it just as much as you!

Our robot offers your children the possibility of making their own confection and giving way to their imagination. And yes, you will no longer be the only ones to create your products, they will also manufacture their make-up!

This is also the opportunity to share a fun and pleasant moment with them. We still advise you to stay by their side to help them in their little chemist's workshop!

How to do your own Halloween makeup?

C reate a successful vampire or pumpkin makeup using the BeautyMix ? Without further ado, we give you the recipe for this make-up...

Just take the one fromlip balm and add the color pigments of your choice (red, black, white... you have many possibilities.)

You will have understood it, you just have to mix in your robot thecocoa butter, from beeswax and theoil of your choice (sweet almond, jojoba, or sesame), and some pigments! 

Who said making homemade cosmetics was complicated?

When your preparation is ready, pour its contents into a small jar and apply the make-up with a moistened brush for a more precise realization.

This recipe is even edible so don't be afraid that some of it lands in their mouth!

If you ever live in the 77, you can come and attend an event at the Boulanger de Lognes from Saturday October 26 until the long-awaited day !

A pleasant and informative family outing :)

Do not hesitate to share your achievements with us on our various social networks, we look forward to them!


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